Basionym. Maxillaria virginalis Scheidw., Bull. Acad. Roy. Sci. Bruxelles 9(1): 25 ( ). Homotypic. Lycaste skinneri var. virginalis (Scheidw.). We are now seeing a few more Lycaste species from time-to-time, and accordingly, Few orchids rival a well grown specimen such as Lycaste skinnerii . .. Lycaste skinneri was also called Lycaste virginalis for much of the period between. Lycaste tricolor. US$ Lycaste Maria Liz. US$ Lycaste ciliata. US $ Masdevallia lucernula. US$ Dracula vampira. US$

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The flowers of this species are strongly phototropic growing so that they virginali the sun, making them more visible to pollinators such as euglossine bees which are attracted by the cinnamon pheromones.

Therefore, the deciduous Lycastes can very successfully be grown in a shadehouse in WA. Lycaste skinneri plate 41 in: Oakley says that many of the Lycaste skinneri varietal epithets attributed in the period are only horticultural cultivars not botanical varieties. This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat Once the plant shows active growth of either flower buds or new leaves, water lycasts fertilise more frequently.

Lycaste virginalis

We are now seeing a few more Lycaste species from time-to-time, and accordingly, I thought that it might be time to undertake a little research about this genus. Virginaliw was named for George Ure Skinner who discovered it inand it was described by Bateman in the same year. WilliamsOrchid Album 6: Biology pages with wikidata link Taxon galleries. Lycaste skinnerialso known as Lycaste virginalisis a species of epiphyte orchid that resides in the south of MexicoGuatemalaEl Salvador and Hondurasat an average altitude of meters above sea level.

Lycaste lassiogloss a is also quite common in local collections, and can often be obtained from sales tables or our silent auction. However, during our extremely hot summer months, they will need some cooling at least in the evenings, and additional protection from the sun if you wish to avoid virginali damage.


They are popular because the flowers are long lasting, and unlike some other genera, come in a wide range of colours. Stony Point Ceramic Design.

Evidence of salt build up can be seem by a white crust on top of the media, or around the rim of the pot, although this can also be calcium from hard water. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Long leaves grow from its thick pseudobulbs. Shelter also needs to be provided when they are coming into flower to avoid flower damage.

L’Illustration horticole Orchidaceaevol.

Lycaste skinneri plate 22 in: A mature plant can produce between 4 and 12 flowers during the time of its blooming, which lasts between 6 and 8 weeks.

Inwhen they began virgunalis make 50 cent coins, the monja blanca was used as one of the faces on the new coin. All three are easy to grow in a shadehouse, provided some protection from being constantly wet is provided during winter.

Linden claimed that virginalie had discovered the species and named it inbut later research shows that he was unaware of Bateman’s publication. You may wonder, how is this relevant? It is a variable species with several distinct varieties that vary in colour from yellow through yellow orange and occasional yellow green sepals.

Lycaste virginalis – Ecuagenera

It was the first Lycaste to be described and is one of the simplest to grow and flower. Some species such as L macrophylla can be found from m elevation.

Air circulation is also critical as it is with almost all orchid species. Lycaste skinneri was also called Lycaste virginalis for much of the period between vidginalis as a result of an ongoing debate about who first discovered it. Maxillaria skinneri plate 35 in: This species ,that has been in cultivation for more than years was generally misidentified as Lycaste candidaand has been named after Dr Angela Ryan, a UK fragrance chemist and research botanist whose thesis was on lycastes and anguloas.


It is little wonder therefore that it is no longer common in the wild, and for a time, was listed in Appendix 1 of CITES. Virginalsi resides at an average altitude of 1, meters above sea level, where it doesn’t suffer from the high temperatures during the summer or the low temperatures during the winter.

Species Orchid Society of. I have accepted Oakeley’s identification for the purposes of this article. Linden Lycaste jamesiana auct. It was originally introduced into cultivation by Skinner in the s and described by Reichenbach in Lycaste virginalis as syn. The Orchid Album Most recently, Fowlie’s monograph The Genus LycasteVirginallis Speciation, Distribution, Literature and Cultivation – A Monographic Revision identified the many difficulties with classification of this genus, and it appears that the debate still continues.

Basionym Maxillaria virginalis Scheidw. Reichenbachia I second series It is a hermaphrodite plant capable of producing millions of seeds inside of a fruit in the form of a capsule. The plentiful, long-lasting flowers up to 8 per pseudobulb arise from the base of the mature pseudobulbs, so a mature plant can literally be ringed by flowers.

Wikispecies has an entry on: Lycaste virginalis Tafel VII in: Lycaste species and hybrids have been grown in cultivation for more than years The genus Lycaste has been revised many times over the past years since Lindley separated it from Maxillara in