Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. With her father imprisoned, year-old Meredith thinks she : Such a Pretty Girl eBook: Laura Wiess: Kindle Store. Laura Wiess. Welcome to the Asylum. Such a Pretty Girl. “Tough, darkly humorous, yet achingly vulnerable. A nail-biter of an ending.” — Kirkus starred review. The Such a Pretty Girl Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and.

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View all 7 comments. I liked how she was brave and quite rebellious even though she was scared of her father.


Let’s just get one thing out of the way: Finally, the God factor. I do know that this was not the main part of the book but I would have loved to read that. Laura Wiess Welcome to the Asylum. Charles was an opportunity sex offender.

Over what Meredith went through and those other children. Not Andy’s religious mother, not the laurs cop, no one, and that was very unsettling to me.

My first problem started with one of the main characters. This is not something a 15 year old that is not something anybody should do!!!

If you wuess stepping outside your comfort zone every once in awhile I highly recommend this one. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. That being said, I just can’t bring myself to support the story.

Such a Pretty Girl

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy sufh your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I really hope not. Her mother turns the other way and is in major denial over the whole thing, and Meredith feels like she has to preyty with it mainly on her own. The first time, she ran away to her boyfriend Andy’s house. The whole town avoids Merideth’s family because they know Charles may try to hurt their children, with some businesses even refusing them service.


Prehty was that good. Let’s put that aside, though, and make believe, for the sake of argument, that the wildly unbelievable plot is actually chock full of verisimilitude.

Her father becomes unconscious. I was planning on only watching a little bit but it was so interesting, I watched the whole thing. This is a true psychological thriller, which I read in one sitting in the dark, wee hours of the day.

Such a Pretty Girl

Mar 19, Jaelynn Ciballos rated it it was amazing. It never made me want to shut the book and leave. They need each other to survive. Yes, I understand that Meredith and Andy had a lot in common and they were connected, but their age difference is still statutory rape, and no one seemed to have a problem with it. I know that statutory rape would be much different from Meredith’s laurra, but the whole situation still made ggirl extremely uncomfortable, especially when Andy and Meredith did anything intimate, even if that wasn’t very prevalent.

Meredith is only 15 when her father gets out early from prison and is coming for her. The characters were all incredibly well-drawn, especially Meredith, but also the supporting characters. What’s the age rating? The book is loaded with creepy moments the father touching Mer’s back and asking – “when did you start wearing a bra” and awful insights it’s not the abuse that hurts, it is the memory of the good times. Such a Pretty Girl “Tough, darkly humorous, yet achingly vulnerable.

Still, this is a quick read with long lasting impact. The writing is heartbreaking and gorgeous. Who brings a known paedophile into their house?????? No matter what he did to Meredith and to other children before her, Meredith’s mother is more than ready to take him back. A breathtaking book that can see a new perspective of how fears can hurt you so much, but conquering it is a such a liberating feeling.


He and his religious mother are planning to go to Iowa to meet the victim’s soul to cleanse him in the next couple of days. Night Shyamalan’s Signs was an awesome movie.

She doesn’t know what that’s going to take, and she’s certainly not unafraid, but she isn’t going to let him hurt her, or any other kids, again. I took a risk on this book, but it was just extremely well done. Of course Meredith was going to end up in the pgetty position possible. My favorite passage is as x Meredith puts herself at risk but emerges unscathed, and the possible grave consequences are nearly unmentioned.

The book is loaded with prethy moments the father touching Mer’s back a I’ll start by saying that I was struck by the similarities between this novel and my spring book Chasing Tail Lights. Laura Wiess has crafted a gripping story that is heart-rending — and important, with a capital ‘I’.

Meridith’s harrowing story is compulsively readable, but it’s too short and the secondary characters prehty plotlines don’t receive enough attention. It’s an emotional book and one that will stay with you long after you finish the wieds word. I thought was happened to her was awful, don’t get me wrong, but the flashbacks throughout the book didn’t impact as much as I thought they would.

Why didn’t she fight for custody before he was released? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Laura Wiess’s characters are as well-written as the rest of the book, very realistic in some cases, scarily so.