Using KWLH Technique to Understand Local Descriptive Texts in Teaching Reading: Enhancing Teachers’ Share through Social Media Sumardiono1 NIDN . K-W-L-H is a strategy that many people use before reading a difficult passage or story. In this particular strategy, you use this strategy before. The K-W-L-H learning strategy is a very popular learning tool developed by the researcher Donna Ogle in K stands for what I “Know”.

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Concerning with the authentic materials of reading, Pye and Greenall also underline that having drawn a wide range of sources of reading like from newspaper, webs, leaflets, magazines, brochures, guides, books, and documented information which are based local, national, and international issues. Slametan thanksgiving party of pitonan seven-month ceremony. Evans adds that in reading, it should appear relationship of reader to writer. Reading instruction needs to take into account different types of learners and their needs.

He draws the various characteristics of text types are worth teaching and beneficial in language learning classroom. That is why many children cannot comprehend text. The strategy is designed to be used by a teacher and group of students working together. As the result, the students will get the most appropriate treatment to sharpen their reading comprehension or other skills in learning English. Best Practices for Teaching Reading: It is a group instruction activity developed by Donna M.


Using Technology in Teaching. We also use cookies to store information such as visitors’ preferences. It implies knowledge sangkan, our origin. A teaching model that develops active reading of expository tecunique. Therefore, as a youngsters of Javanese, we should be proud of having various traditional foods as the symbols of prayers and culinary in Java.

Sulistyo states that reading is about understanding written texts. A strategy comprehension and summarization. Notodiputro states that Basic Competence Kompetensi Dasar should succeed to learn in rechnique aspects of attitude, skill, and knowledge.

Considering contextualized materials, this article deals with the practice of teaching of reading local descriptive text by using KWLH technique as introduced by Ogle Stevenson shares that though we are becoming a more global society; the world is still broken into groups.

From this view, it is necessary to regard KWLH technique in teaching reading. Jenang is used to completing the requirements uba rampe in Javanese ceremonies.

Readers typically make use of background knowledge, vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, experience with text and other strategies to help them understand written text.

K-W-L-H Technique | Teaching Fun | Pinterest | Teaching, Learning and Student

Summing Up To sum up, KWLH strategy technuque indeed tecjnique strategy in reading comprehension to see the linguistic, culture, and curriculum diversity. The text structures include: In this text, the object can be a concrete or abstract object. Journal of Reading, 30, The Reading Teacher, 40, It can be a person, or an animal, or a tree, or a house, or camping. As a matter of fact, the reading materials can be modified and adapted from local story, maps, events, sites, etc. Therefore, English teachers should re- shape design of the teaching reading to be more effective and functional to the students.

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Figure 1 shows the example of stimulating teachers in understanding KWLH in relation with curriculum.

KWHL chart

We use third party advertisements on graphic. The identification is to identify the object to describe. Related to the text discussed in this article, the exploration is done in side of techniwue the share of local descriptive text.

Hence, this KWLH strategy is proposed to be applied to English teachers in techniue reading comprehension by regarding contextual reading materials.

Reading local sources, comprehending them, and using technology in learning realize the four naturally in learning process.

English teachers should be creative and good at designing learning activities. The second kind of Jenang is in Celebrating Birth day Neton.