Get this guide started! Think you’re an expert in Perry Rhodan: Operation Eastside? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into. Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra which I had to do on numerous occasions, which is also useful if you have to turn to a walkthrough to get you through. Walkthroughs for The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure – Adventure Game.

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After talk with the nurses, Toregent talks to Perry. Enter the tower to the left. Get to see the Ara medic by getting sick: Use the plastic spoon on the skirting to get a small metal pipe. In that perrry load your saved game and start all over again.

Go through the door to the right at the opposite kompkettlsung the bar. Find out about the Illochim that is part of the exhibition she is preparing. Look at the wall at the right.

Walkthrough Part 16 – The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure Video Walkthroughs for PC

Perry ended up at the terrace and not the Surveillance Center. Now a rails appears above a little mining cart.

See that the lit tile starts with a Y. Exit the hangar to the left. Pick up from the ground: Go through the door to the maintenance room. Watch Kato, the Ara cybernetician and E-frain talk to the boss. If done correctly this fuse will be lit too. Look at the giant drill. Use the thermo-scan glasses, Karin Levi’s picture, Mondra’s notebook, the anti-shield capsules, the Le-Clyi part and last but not least the head of the combat robot on the computer.


Go in each entryway and listen to the Director’s hologram. Go and visit Mackro in his restroom once more. Examine the robot head at the right side of the transmitter to get the missing part of Bully’s flying saucer.

Perry goes incognito again. Look at the orange medic sign high above. Pick up the remote control Wing Swing GT on the floor at left. Give her your miner’s lamp. Walk to the left. Look at the opened ventilation shaft; it is too small to fit in.

Pass through the carnivorous plant: Look at the left door behind your back.

Get light to the dark hallway: Close the next screen to download the blueprints of the Robotics Institute. It is too pitch dark to go in there right now.

Try to enter the clinic. Go to the Arkonide exhibit.

Notice the door at the back side of the room with the huge red turning wheel. Click twice on the bottom right arrow. Rhdoan above and see the damage to the globus sphere.

Head all the way back to Mondra’s office. Enter the lift and see that it can not go down because of the water. Go down to the platform and then the hangar.


Click five times on the middle right arrow. He says that there are limited access to the display of the Myth of Illochim, the Arkonide name is Yillod Zhymii. You’ll witness how a technician is working on the ventilation shaft.

Walkthrough Part 16 for The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure

At the reception area, see the 2 Blues are very sick. From the left display take the arrachieda stick and the miner’s lamp. She advises to find an expert on mobile android weapons systems at the Robotics Institute. Exit the bar through the big tube at the right side. Ask her about the Lower Levels. Learn about Quint Essence who believes the Illochim myth. Step onto the transmitter to go back to the main hall.

Go back to the Echodim bar by going forward until the neon sign. Perry finds out that Mondra was taken by robots. Go to the door ahead. Left click and see how the robot goes to that spot.

Check the doors and see that rhoda are all locked. Use the thermo glasses on the door number above the door and find out that it is