Provide smart search on your MVC site to enable your visitors to search through your pages, products or other objects on your site. Smart search is an. Kentico provides an index-based search solution, which allows users to search through the content of Providing smart search on MVC sites. Smart Search retrieves the appropriate data from the database and stores it in an index file using an easily searchable format. When website visitors submit a.

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Maybe you can provide a backup of the site to support so they can help you sort things out. Hi, Zmart is the exact version including hotfix?

Hello guys, I am working on a kentico 9 project and I am trying to update the indexes of the smart search, but it is not optimizing nor rebuilding. Pages behind login means that the visitor must log in to visit the page – so, if this is required, then you need to specify also a user account for the crawler so it can authenticate itself – so it can access the secured page.

Are you indexing page types or crawling pages and you will have select the page type accordingly. Richard Lloyd asked on July 20, Are there any files created in the folder: What does event log says otherwise? Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico Bringing Innovation to Your Team.

If so, there should be result. Chetan Sharma answered on October 31, For the ASPX template, where are the content coming from? This allows them to find out easily if the entered keywords are relevant and also enables quick navigation to results without needing to go through a dedicated search page.


Are there anything you can edit under the Page tab? See Kentico in Action. I would give it a try and specify the local domain name you are using as the crawler domain.

Technically it should, but just in case Smart search runs on the Lucene. Can you go to kntico blog section of the site in Pages app?

Here is screenshot on how to find the user running app pool in IIS. Peter Mogilnitski answered on July 20, The template you showed is likely a landing page which has Repeaters controls showing list of blog, news, etc. Farah El Agha answered on October 31, Then, are you using Amazon or other external storage?

Stemming is the removal of suffixes from words. Kentico makes it easy for you. Rui Wang answered on October 30, As Rui suggested it depends upon the seach type. Farah, if you go to a page in the Page Application that you would like to show up in search result.

Please note that I have created another index with other values and I tried to rebuild it after saving the changes but also the same result! Kentico allows visitors to search for synonyms of words defined in the search query. Are there searxh redirects set in the IIS or in your web site which may redirect the crawler requests? Please, apply the latest hotfix for Kentico 9 – there were several bugs in smart search, so zearch can rule them out.

These are very simple admin ssarch.


Support of Stemming Stemming is the removal of suffixes from words. Visitors to your website can see results before submitting the search. Schedule Your Demo Now!

Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico 10

Index Flexibility You have full control over the content of every search index. NET library, which allows integration with other external indexing or search services.

Sometimes I did this stupidity of not defining the culture of the smart search index and kept on digging here and there and finally I checked event logs to realize this small error. I can’t get any smart search index to build. See how companies of all sizes use Kentico to drive business results both on-premise or in the cloud.

Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico 10

The Smart search module returns results to visitors for words that are only approximate matches. Here is that user be added to the smartsearch folder with modify permission. Kentico also provides File Search Support built-in indexing of attached document content. David te Kloese answered on July 20, We’re named a Strong Performer in the Q4 David te Kloese answered on August 31, Are the pages behind login?

Richard Lloyd answered on August 30, Search Customization The search solution offers several customization options. I would try the latest hotfix. Click on the Form tab of a blog post, it should show fields that editor can enter text, correct?