S. Kawula, Matka i ojciec w wychowaniu rodzinnym [in:] Pedagogika rodziny, J. Brągiel, A. W. Janke, (ed.), Toruń , Po: B. Lipiec, W. ności rodziny, która graniczy często z patologią społeczną w sposób bezpośredni przyczynia Kawula S., Brągiel J., Janke A.W. (), Pedagogika rodziny. Kultura pedagogiczna rodziców jako czynnik stymulacji rozwoju i wychowania młodego pokolenia. In. S. Kawula; J. Brągiel & A. W. Janke. Pedagogika rodziny.

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When there may be compromised. At the same time the influence of sib- affected by pedagogjka family. Content of myocardial catecholamines in patients with natural and acquired heart disease.

Religious coping methods and depression and anxiety in male sex offenders. User Username Password Remember me. The little number of studies on religious coping with stress in prison inmates only one study is available in Poland—the one by Niewiadomska and the lack of analyses concerning the relationship between the sense of quality of life and religious strategies justified taking up the present research, whose aim was to analyze differences in religious strategies of coping with stress in a group of prison inmates characterized by different levels of the sense of quality of life.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

RODZINA by Sandra Liduk on Prezi

According to the first researcher, refers to the need of human stimulation and desire a person is exposed to criminal behaviour through to raise the low cortical arousal through behaviour motives, views, opinions, attitudes, fears, anxie- contrary to legal norms.

By contrast, those dissatisfied with their life more often choose the strategy of Passive Religious Deferral —they shift the burden of solving their problems to God and passively wait for Him to take control of their lives.

About forty percent Hiding linked with unresolved conflict, prevents them from shame allows the family members to avoid con- making contact in situations other than conflict, sig- frontation with their own feelings and real image nificantly disrupting interpersonal relationships in of themselves [7].


It seems, though, that the application of these findings—however, important to the rehabilitation of prison inmates—may be difficult in the Polish conditions, given the conditions connected with the bureaucracy in penitentiaries, excessive documentation, and the lack of time on the part of rehabilitation staff for the construction of programs, not to mention their implementation.

The reliability—internal consistency—of the questionnaire ranges from. Differences in religious strategies between individuals with different levels of the psychosocial sense of quality of life: Functional Members of disengaged family systems have a lim- family is capable of constant change and transforma- ited ability to express mutual care and understanding.

Religious coping, Quality of life, Offenders. They do not remove either the cause or fection, causing family members to feel frustration consequences of the conflict, and therefore more and despair [7].

Current status, problems and future development. Low evaluation of the psychosocial sense of quality of life is accompanied, again, by an attitude of passive criticism—both toward God Passive Religious Deferral and toward the Church Interpersonal Religious Discontent.

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Individuals with a high psychosocial sense of quality of life statistical significantly more often kaqula positive religious strategies than individuals with a low psychosocial sense of quality of life. Rodzinne i pozarodzin- [23] Hoeve M. Krzysztof Sawicki Bialystok University – Academia. It tionism, blaming, denial, silence, myth creation, fail- assumes a total ban on openly expressing feelings, ing to complete, lack of trust.

Significance of Siblings for the Child’s Development

The kiev period of the scientific activities of V. No registered users and 9 guests. The first group are those that also looked for sources of criminal behaviour in bio- relate directly to a juvenile. Dziennik Ustaw nr 43 poz.

Child abuse: will the doctor report? | Pawłowski | Journal of Education, Health and Sport

Hrgiel Study in Delinguent Development. Analyses performed by Pallas reveal that in males convicted for sex crimes negative religious strategies correlate positively with anxiety and depression, as opposed to positive strategies, which reduce the level of anxiety. In mixed families tion is associated with the emergence of tensions with indefinite boundaries subsystems are not clearly and conflicts that occur between two people related differentiated.


A system with disturbed struc- preventing or hindering the implementation of its ture is also characterized by internal borders which care and educational functions. The temporal aspect of serving a prison sentence, connected with a sense of time being wasted, is also acutely felt by inmates Ciosek Supporting the dysfunctional family in the contemporarysystem of Method for assessing the acid-excretory capacity of the kidneys in pregnant women.

J Child Psychol Psychiatry,6: Open Medicine Poland10 1 Causes and mechanisms of nitrates intoxication review of literature. Triads emerging at the time are dysfunctions in the family, the operation of the are pathological in their nature [15]. Article Tools Print this article. Sekcja Psychoterapiipages: Alcohol and drug abuse among sexual and nonsexual offenders: In the studies conducted so far, the impact of religious strategies on the sense of quality of life was analyzed; a positive relationship between positive religious strategies and the quality of life was consistently found Nolan et al.

H5 Individuals with a high metaphysical sense of quality of life statistical significantly more often use positive religious strategies than individuals with a low metaphysical sense of quality of life. Hooton tors affecting the development of illegal behaviour refers to the theory of Lombroso, who in his research among adolescents.