translation of Kaivalya Navaneeta, an ancient Tamil classic by. Tandavaraya Swami. Based on the English translation of Swami Sri Ramanananda. Saraswathi. The ‘Kaivalya Navaneetham’ is a 16th Century Tamil Advaitha (monotheistic) Classic attributed to His Holiness Thandavarayan Swamihal. Kaivalya Navaneetham – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. tamil vedanta.

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I would like to buy this book and give it to my friends also. Rajagoplan published during The book being in the poetic form and the commentaries in the form of language prevalent at the time of such commentaries, is beyond comprehension for a ‘young seeker’ educated in the past decades. Pl reply drucpal gmail.

Sir, Can you give ur transliterations of the above, as posted in your blog here, asa comnbined PDF. Please note, that this non-profit exercise of offering the original text and a simple commentary is to facilitate more readers to buy the original in Print Form, enabling more reprints and thereby propagate the book among the current generation, which might be otherwise deterred by the high standard of language in the original text and the commentaries.

MahaVidhwan Vadivelu Chettiar of Chennai has written another commentary, early last century in the form of questions navanedtham answers. The portions of the Original text throughout the commentary has been offered in Boldened Font.

This is really a great work. After understanding to an extent the meaning, every seeker shall approach the publishers listed below and get their own copies to do the SravanaManana and Nithithyaasana. Written in Tamil Poetic form in the metre of ‘Viruththa’, the book is in the form of a dialogue between the master and a disciple, and compiles the essence from the renowned Prasthana Thraya.


Dear Sir, I would like to ask if you could share with me a reference to the information that Bavaneetham translation of Kaivalya Navaneetam is attributed to Ezhuththacchan?

The title can be roughly translated as ‘ Butter of Emancipation ‘ or ‘Cream of Liberation’ and symbolizes the very fact that the author has extracted the butter of Wisdom from various pots of milk treatises on Gnana.

Has uploading of further instalments of the book been stopped after Aug, ?

Best regards, Olga N. Printed in Kalakshetra Press in Chennai, copies are available in.

Kaivalya Navaneetham

Sir, I am not able to see full transcriotio of Kaivalya navneetham done by you here, can u pl gfive it in PDF form to all of usas we happen to see only Payiram 3, Paayiram 2. Sir, Can you give ur transliterations of the above, as posted in your blog here, asa comnbined pDF. Transliteration of the Sanskrit Verses quoted in the commentary has been offered in Italicized Font. An attempt to add value to kaivaya endeavor by adding salient explanations from the other commentaries shall be done after completing a portion of the task.

The Kaovalya more the Vedanta or the antha – end part of the Vedhasi.

Posted by whatishindhuism at 4: A Malayalam translation of ‘Kaivalya Navaneetham’ is in existence in Kerala, from early 16th century, with the same title, in the form of ‘Kilippaattu’, attributed to a renowned Malayalam Poet and Aasan by name Acharyan Thunjathe Ezuththachchan.

Unknown August 4, at However, a close study will reveal a greater alignment with Panchadasi written by BrahmaShri Vidhyaranya Swamihal.

But this book, written almost during the period of the His Holiness Thandavarayan Swamihal, is not a verse by verse translation, but a book based on the concepts detailed in ‘Kaivalya Navaneedham’ in the same order and format.


Kaivalya Navaneetham : Vadivelu Chettiyar : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Pl spare your expertise and spare usa combined Copy of the above. Bhaskaran Kunchithapadam September 28, at 7: Also would like to buy other rare books of this sort to understand more about our Vedantha. Hence an effort has been made to offer a simple and more eloborate commentary of ‘Kaivalya Navaneetham’.


In his work, in addition to mentioning Narayana or Narana as the revealer of the ultimate truth, he also speaks of Venkatesa Mukundan as his Guru. BrahmaShri ThirumaaNhilayur Govindayyar had written a commentary called as ‘ Thathparya Deepikai ‘ and published the same with the Tamil original verses and the corresponding Sanskrit verses by BrahmaShri Sanku Swamihal in I saw Vasanam by Dr R. Vishy S August 13, at 4: Not only that the understanding demands a linguistic ability, the text and the commentaries also presupposes a primary knowledge in monotheism which we all obiviously lack.

I am also not sure whether you are seeing these postings also. Another lesser known Sanskrit version of ‘Kaivalya Navaneetham’ bearing the title ‘ Prabodhamrutham ‘ is also prevalent. Your explanations are topclass and easy to decipher. Dear Sir, I shall be obliged if you can give the address from where I can get a copy of Kaivalyanavaneedham.

Living in Varanasi March 24, at