Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (published as Jyhad in the first or “Limited” multi -player (3+) rules, a lack of “land cards”, and a more rapid card drawing As in most other collectible card games, each player designs his or her own deck. OBJECT OF THE GAME Your goal is to destroy the influence held by rival . The Golden Rule for Cards Whenever the cards contradict the rules, the cards take This term appears in the limited edition base set (called Jyhad(TM)), but was . Although the card game was designed and published by Wizards of the Coast, this A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and.

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As rulse, he cannot use a second strike card or weapon to maneuver again in the same round. Note that an imbued gains a life gae to exceed his starting life if he leaves the incapacitated region by any other effect, as well. The first dules, when Anarch Convert enters play even if only very brieflyand the second one, when a second non-Anarch vampire becomes Anarch. This will typically require the players to play with sleeved decks during tournaments when using decks with different cardbacks.

A player receives a victory point when her prey is ousted and for being the last player in the game. If a baron changes sect, he loses the benefit of the title until he becomes Anarch again, as usual for titles.

These actions are not described here see Torpor, sec. Damage such a vampire receives from a weapon with that trait is aggravated. The regent counts as cardinal by cards and other effects, but has an additional vote as well. A vampire in torpor is particularly weak and vulnerable to attacks from others of tules kind. If a combat card played by a minion has an “optional maneuver” care part of the effect, then the minion may decline to use the maneuver.


Aggravated damage cannot be healed, and aggravated damage can burn a vampire if that vampire is already wounded. The title of baron is associated with a particular city and can be contested by another vampire who claims the jyjad of prince, archbishop or baron of the same city.

An imbued may not have two copies of the same power. Baron is a title that bame only be held by an anarch. This does not count as damage, so the effect cannot be prevented with damage prevention effects. A minion cannot bring two equipment cards into play in a single action, for example. Anarch is a sect on its own. Their cost is also their starting life, and it is specified on each card individually like capacity.

Minions have a default strength of 1.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – Wikipedia

To recruit an ally from your hand, play the card and lock the acting minion. Retrieved March 26, Some cards that have a requirement also have a burn option icon. Other clans are not aligned with any of the major sects; they are called Independent. October 5, [13]. The secret war waged between the few remaining Methuselahs using younger vampires as pawns. jyad

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins. To have a vampire hunt, announce the action and lock the acting vampire. The advancement card is a vampire card in all respects, so it can be influenced in the normal manner. Details for these types can be found on the web site.

VAMPIRE: The Eternal Struggle Complete Rules

To target a retainer with a ranged strike, the striking minion must announce his intended target when the strike is announced. The Eternal Struggle would cease production on September 10, An imbued may leave the incapacitated region and gain a life not to exceed his starting life by burning 3 conviction during his unlock phase. Some cards can jyha be played by anarch vampires, for example. A minion can play an action card to take an action other than the default actions like “hunt”.


Diablerie is resolved as follows:. The player to a Methuselah’s left. If he receives a new title, or if his title is contested see Contested Titles, sec.

If it equals or exceeds the acting minion’s stealth, the minion’s block is successful. Transfers, like master phase actions, are not represented by counters and cannot be saved for later use. In addition, all crypt cards represent unique minions. Akunanse, Guruhi, Ishtarri and Osebo. Strike resolution occurs simultaneously, except for a few special cases see Strike Effects, sec 6. A belief system followed by more alien members of the Sabbat and some Independents in place of Humanity.

The Masquerade — Redemption. For purposes of that card, the ally has a capacity of 1 by default for use if the card requires an older vampire or a vampire of a given jhyad.

Some effects can cancel a card “as it is played.

This effect is like destroy equipment, except that instead of being burned, the equipment card is moved to the striking minion.

A political action is an action that is used to call a referendum.

Any remaining damage damage that was not prevented is successfully inflicted. Yielding the title has no other effect on the vampire.