Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Jacques Ravatin – Emissions due to Forms – Aether Force

In academia, opinions about the existence of such systems were very divided. The researchers would have been reached by harmful emissions due to the displacement of funerary objects: According to another embodiment of the invention, equipment comprises two or several regular polygonal concentric frames, each one having different numbers of dimensions.

The inventor moreover noted that the bound phenomenon of activation to the shapes of the curve CN, present a variable effectiveness according to the value of NR. For all ovoidal volumes 27 and 28, 30 and 31, conical facings with opening of approximately 23 degrees are directed towards the center of the form F when these volumes are attached on the stems This is why in some peoples, mummies participate in collective deliberations.

But our devices allow us effects unknown to the current physics and which probably intersect alchemical knowledge not understood until now. R — We know in any case that prayer has this power. Glass bottles activated containing of alcohols such as cognac and Armagnac, transmit the activation to liquid which lose in some weeks a degree of alcohol; their jaqcues becomes amber, their ethyl taste disappears as in the case of ravatij alcohol after several years.


The distances L1 and L2, respectively measured since the planar frontal face 8 of form 1 to the edge more close to this planar face of holes 6 and 7, are substantially equal to 0.

Remote recovery of a disturbed Vital Field. He was very interested in the concept of Non-Cartesian Systems and encouraged me to continue my research.

The abbreviations are as follows: Our restricted physical universe is what we call the Local, since we can always locate an object there. Q — … Even more disharmonic and anti functionalities. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new jacqeus current image and biography.

They allow to locate the intrinsic qualities of jacquee studied reality. A fractal object, in the mathematical sense. But what is splitting itself?

The pyramids of Giza: The axial length of insulators 26 is at least equal with the width on the sides which they cross i.

Jacques Ravatin

Fractals may have an entry and an exit, an entry only, or neither. You will also notice the number of reports mentioning relocations. And the radical modifications we obtain on the inorganic matter are the ravvatin experimental confirmation of the Taofel Field hypothesis: Q — Apart from the Natural Grids, do you encounter intentional Grids, obstacles or psychic screens willingly placed to protect the secrecy of certain places? By processing, for example, jacquse honey, we obtain a product whose biological properties are superior to those of royal jelly.

Ravatin, Jacques [WorldCat Identities]

It is known that certain geometric forms, for example pyramids, are, when they present appropriate proportions, the seat of emissions which one could not determine to present the exact nature. One knows by the FR-A a process and equipment allowing to exert an influence on the modifications of state of the material, especially by the action of suitably directed emissive apparatuses. Transmitter disc surmounted by oriented shapes and magnets.


It is a pendulum whose thread, at jacqes certain height, is wound a number of times around a fixed cylinder. The object of the invention is to propose a device presenting characteristics strongly different from those of the apparatuses of the former art, for an effective activation of fluid, as well as purification of some of those, like water or smoke.

Thus, microwave furnaces associated with such glasses activates the food which they heat. We measure the action of Emissions due to Forms on quantifiable parameters and recognized by all. Physicists themselves do not do anything else.

I then wondered if we were not dealing with a kind of natural screen that hid most of the groundwater network from our research. The sensitive that is projected by means of this Fractal Object will thus reach the domains, places or epochs, planets or galaxies, which interest us. As one sees better in figure 2, representing a volume V which is any of ovoidal volumes 27, 28, 30 or 31, each one of these volumes is drilled of an axial hole T, and axial conical facings 32, 33 are practised with each end of ovoidal volume V, the points being directed one towards the other ravatn.

In these liquids we have placed living cells: Learn more about Amazon Prime. Localised things are replicas of the Enel that exists for them in the Global. Without dwelling on it, however, and this for two reasons.