In this article i will show you how to merge multiple pdfs into one using ITextSharp below is the two approach one is to pass your input files path, output file path. Thank a lot. I am looking for a trick to merge pdf files. Thanks. down vote. I used iTextsharp with c# to combine pdf files. This is the code I used. Splitting and merging PDF files in C# using the iTextSharp library.; new content on existing PDF documents, to split and merge existing PDF.

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Know of a fix? There is a comprehensive iTextSharp class here: First Prev Next Thanks! Instead of the 2nd Method, add more files to the first array of input files.

iText 5 merging PDF documents | iText Developers

Very simple and worked for me. Jun 24, I can’t run it at the moment, but nicely done! Forum Downloads About Contact. You should note that when the pages of the original document are only half full, the new document will put both halves on one page.

Needless to say, iTextSharp does not suffer this limitation. Could anyone help me? My simplified understanding of how this works is as follows: Jul 26, Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Hello, your solution works really great.


iText 5 merging PDF documents

The value of a field is only visible when the itxtsharp is focused. Add the following using statements at the top of the file:. Tarey Wolf Dec Can you please help me how to do it. If we want to be able to a range of contiguous pages, we might add another method defining a start and end point:.

Is there some parameter I can set to reduce the size of the output files? GetPageSizeWithRotation i ; document. GetInstance document, new FileStream “f: AddDocument reader ; reader.

C# tutorial: combine PDF files

Extract pages with different orientation. John Atten10 Dec Additionally, there are a number of itextsuarp to assist the erstwhile developer in using this library:. Core which indeed is an unofficial port of iTextSharp v4. One minor thing though – your try catches literally does nothing. If this post is answer of your question then don’t forgot to Click “Mark As Answer”. Hi John, Thank very itexttsharp for your artikel. But now i have some files with different orientation.


The code is pretty much self-explanatory: NET Mokkujin Jul 5: November 5, November 5, Last post Jul 03, ConvertTo tmp, typeof byte[] ; image. Community Websites Community Support. ReadToEnd ; return matches. GetImportedPage reader, i ; table. Could you give me a hint how I can extract the pages with the same orientation as the Original, not just with the same orientaion as the first page.

Well, we might xombine the above method with one which accepts an array of ints representing the desired pages:. Split ‘,’ ; MergeFiles “C: I try something but i dont know how i do this. I used iTextsharp to combine pdf files. While I found it very cool to be able to run Java code in a.

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Width – conbinedoc. GetImportedPage imageDocumentReader1. GetInstance byte [ ] converter. Looking forward to your reply asap as this is impacting my projecting deadline.

GetInstance imageDocumentimageMS. The PdfCopy object can be created in the same way as you create the PdfWriter object.