Well, Abit listened to those users and have revised the IT7-MAX. The result is the motherboard we’ll be looking at today, the IT7-MAX2. With the. Abit IT7 MAX2 Rev2 iPE Motherboard Review. Abit stunned the world in March of when it announced the “To the MAX” line of motherboards. ABIT to the MAX – IT7 Max2 Rev ABIT have had a very strong tradition of producing high quality motherboards with features right in the line.

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The board in layout is identical to the IT7 Max and Max2 motherboards. Here were our FSB overclocking results using the following setup:. Serial ATA ports are now popping up on a lot more motherboards these days.

Once unpacked you get your hands on the extra that ABIT have been known for. Sign up lt7 Username Password Remember Me. ABIT sent due notice that their new Socket flagship motherboard was ready to ship. This should satisfy the vast majority of overclockers, but serious overclockers need not apply here, as 1.

Overclocking is another thing – Why ABIT would produce an overclocker’s board, with passive cooling on the heart of the board, is beyond me. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Their raison d’etre seemed to lie in max the end-user with hither-to unseen levels of feature integration without sacrificing pure performance.

The Northbridge is cooled by a simple passive cooler. This should provide us with the insight we need.

Click to find out more. Many of us still had the need to use these mad2, whether they be for an external modem, printer, or a number of older devices. Assuming the same core clock speed, a higher FSB will inevitably lead to higher performance in most commonly used applications. Front Side Bus Overclocking Testbed. As is becoming standard nowadays, FSB overclocking can be done totally within the BIOS of your motherboard, meaning no switches or jumpers to worry about.


The interim four months have seen a couple of new technologies rear their heads. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Log in Don’t have an account? Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Even now, subjectively speaking, it’s safe to say that it’s considered to be amongst the best S DDR motherboards available.

Unless you’ve been living under a non-technological rock, you’ll probably know the commotion that ABIT’s initial MAX series of motherboards caused on their announcement and subsequent production. Previous Page Next Page. So, it was rather inevitable that we would see a seasonal i7t of the MAX lineup.

Abit’s IT7 MAX2 V motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 1

High-speed peripheral standards had been gaining momentum of late, so we saw the MAX motherboards jam-packed with USB2. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Let’s first look at the specifications in detail. It should be technical abit-usa. From a purely theoretical point of view, the change seemed much needed. This layout has msx2 be the most unique board design we have ever seen.

Here were our FSB overclocking results using the following setup: Since the IPE is based on the FC-BGA design, heat is dissipated much more efficiently and does not require active cooling to run at standard speeds in a stable environment. While it is it essential in today’s market to have Firewire ports onboard due to the relatively small amount of Firewire devices available it is still a great feature to have.


ABIT IT7 MAX2 V.2 (845PE)

After all, motherboard design was largely unchanged in years. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

If you happen to have a Pentium 4 processor that is a C1 stepping, then that limits your potential Vcore overvolt even more, as just iy7 all C1 stepping Mxa2 4 processors run at a stock Vcore of 1.

This chip was the maxx2 commercially available Firewire chipset and it allows for two Firewire ports with support for 64 devices per port. Before we go on, for those who don’t know what Serillel adapter is, we will give you a little recap. Find out exactly what they are and how they impact upon this new motherboard.

Announced early last month, the MAX2 series were that seasonal update. IT7 Msx2 Rev 2. From a practical viewpoint, however, the change was greeted with a mute response from the hardware community. Its box has more of a racing theme. There are a few other minor DRAM timing options available, but nothing that will affect performance in any noticeable way.

Placement of connectors has been well thought out with this board. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The unit is encased in a plastic anti-static box with a see mwx2 window in the front for the buyer to see their board in a bit more detail before paying the bucks for the product. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Unfortunately, there are no unlocked Pentium 4 processors currently available on the market, which is unfortunate for two reasons.