One Year Manual has ratings and 11 reviews. Fr. said: Ostensibly, this manual is the nuts and bolts of what Regardie thought we need to achieve commu. Dr. Israel Regardie Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment THE ONE YEAR MANUAL First published as Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment by the. this book is by Israel Regardie. I just wanted to know your opinion/comment on this book anyone going to start this one year manual with me?.

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It does not need to be other than mentioned here; it has great merit and is far from difficult to use. No atom, no minute parti- cle anywhere in this body can possibly be free of the power and substance and love that God is.

This should be resisted. But if thou look not for him, if thou pass him by, then there is no safeguard for thee. You have completed a great mmanual in the relaxing process. To deprive oneself of, let us say, breakfast as a punish- ment for having missed the morning practice, does not make one virtuous or good, nor should it result in the feeling that having given up several hundred calories of nutrition there is a moral gain in a metabolic loss of weight.

When some degree of relaxation has been achieved, iarael you should begin your rhythmic breathing exercise, slowly and without haste. Fori know that my Redeemer liveth and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Although each and everyone of these phenomena are divine phenomena — and in their constant change are nonetheless representative of the ceaseless activity of the unchanging, om- nipotent body of God —yet he must learn to keep all these diverse phenomena in their own place.

One Year Manual

But for people who already have some type of spiritual framework that they work from, this could be an excellent manual for deepening their practice. It shows a progression to enlightenment, which no matter the religion, I always find fascinating.


Vibrate the divine name often enough until it is felt in the lower extremities, stirring the sphere of light into vigorous activity. I’ve been reagrdie seeker of the spiritual path for all my life. It is well to remember that though our ultimate goal is to achieve yead in- ner state of calm and quiet, we should never try to force the mind into quiescence, never try to stop thinking or to deliberately blank out our thoughts. Iarael rather than experience pain or displeasure, a control is exerted which results in an easier control of the mind, facilitating the development of concentration.

One Year Manual by Israel Regardie

The Art of True Healing: He could visit any one of the local oriental or psychedelic stores and savor a variety of the incense sticks, finally selecting one that pleases him the most.

In this exer- cise we want to use eyar Hebrew words or divine names. The shock is slight, but the surprise value is considerable.

If your post is legitimate, please message the mods. The Art of True Healing. The exaltation of his mind to the highest peak of enlighten- ment, becomes possible at this particular juncture, depending on how intensely he has worked in formulating the divine white light of the spirit and how moved he has been by the con- templation of this paean of divine praise. I am He, who hate that evil should be wrought in the world.

Be with me now in this, the Great Work, which I dedicate wholly to Thee. With some practice, the concentration can be turned on and off until it becomes a faculty which is as readily available as is the electric current in the modern home.

It’s strange that just recently December I started having esoteric knowledge cross my path. Upon the basis of sirael gestures of adoration, every act in life may be dedicated in such a way that living itself becomes sanctified and transformed.

Presently, you may become con- scious of the back settling down into the bed or chair. In order that we may once iwrael progress towards the full awareness of the source of life and love and liberty, we make ritual gestures of affirming a israwl between the Sun and ourselves.


I have passed through the gates of darkness unto light. It’s a very short book, and even if you made it through the first few chapters which translate into months of work you would vastly improve your psychic and meditation skills.

Excellent resource for starting a meditation practice if you have had trouble getting started. Then that the atmosphere rises up from below him, passing out through him in front to rise to the ceiling above. Edward Kuruliouk rated it really liked it Jan 16, Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. My spirit is wrapt in the wind of light; It is whirled away on the wings of night. Either a supine or upright position may be us- ed.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. There are higher goals to aspire towards and through the exaltation of prayer or invocation, he may, God willing, reach these goals, unitive and mystical.

It should raise the in- dividual above all temporal and personal matters so as to realize that the heresy of separation is ended for all time. Soon this conditioned reflex will be immediate, automatic and complete.

A Study in Magic Kindle Edition.

Find the spot on top of the head from which the hair radiates, and apply a tiny dab of this HEET. Tahuti standeth in his Splendour at the prow And Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm. Just as a stone thrown into a pond sends out widely ex- panding ripples and concentric circles of motion, so does the motion of the lungs. Yet another may imagine a host of knights in shining armor bearing down on the malignancy and slashing it to bits.