The conditions contained in Rule 65 RPE +; ; Fax: + – Email: press [at] () Follow ICTY on Twitter. Pursuant to Rule 6(D) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Tribunal, the adoption shall enter into force seven days after the date of. The Mechanism may conduct retrials; appeals proceedings from ICTR, ICTY and Mechanism cases; trials for contempt and false testimony; and review.

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While the convicted person, assisted itcy his or her counsel and, if necessary, translator, will participate in the hearing, the other parties shall only be invited to participate, and they can choose to do so via written submissions.

Furthermore, if the prisoner shows prospects to find employment subsequent to his release and play an active role in his community cf.

Blaskic case: motion for provisional release rejected.

B The Trial Chamber shall vote separately on each charge contained in the indictment. Information regarding the health of the sentenced person is only transmitted upon his or her consent [Prosecutor v. The fact that General BLASKIC already benefited from a privileged system of detention led the Chamber to reject his arguments regarding the positive effect that his release would have on his familial situation, and on his ability to prepare his defence.

The request of the sentenced person or of the Prosecutor shall be made in writing and shall set out the grounds upon which the transfer is sought. Under domestic law, the factor relating to effects on society mainly refers to a low risk that the sentenced person will re-offend upon release cf. D The judgement shall be pronounced in public, on a date of which notice shall have been given to the parties and counsel and at which they shall be entitled to be present.

Not an official document. Normally, a written procedure should be sufficient Gartner,p. B Pursuant to the relevant national legislation, a victim or persons claiming through him may bring an action in a national court or other competent body to obtain compensation.

Brady, “Appeal and Revision” in Roy S. The hearing shall be conducted with the sentenced person, who may be assisted by his or her counsel, with interpretation, as may be required.

Commentary RPE: Ch. Case Matrix Network

In case the Presidency refuses to icry the sentenced person, this decision and the reasons therefor shall be communicated to the convict, the Prosecutor, the State of enforcement and the Registrar. In all cases, when the Presidency decides on the disposition or allocation of property or assets belonging to the sentenced person, it shall give priority to the enforcement of measures concerning reparations to victims.

If no Judge obtains such a majority, the second ballot shall be limited to the two Judges who obtained the greatest number of votes icfy the first ballot. The President shall, upon such notice, determine, in consultation with the Judges, whether pardon or commutation is appropriate. A Any detained person whose personal rep as a witness has been requested by the Tribunal shall be rpw temporarily to the detention unit of the Tribunal, conditional on his return within the period decided by the Tribunal.


At the request of either party or proprio motua Judge or a Trial Chamber may issue such orders, summonses, subpoenaswarrants and transfer orders as may be necessary for the purposes of an investigation or for the preparation or conduct of the trial.

Other relevant factors d could include the financial resources of States and their penitentiary capacity to fulfill the requirements of hosting international prisoners [cf. Two or more crimes may be joined in one indictment if the series of acts committed together form the same transaction, and the said crimes were committed by the same accused.

The Court will normally bear the costs of the surrender, unless one of the States volunteers to do so. However, in certain cases, where the trial proceedings were entirely affected by the grounds for revision an actual retrial would be necessary. In Ruto et al. A person against whom a crime over which the Tribunal has jurisdiction has allegedly been committed.

Serving the later part of his sentence in an open prison regime Prosecutor v TraculovskiNo.

If the request submitted under sub-rules 1 or 2 of rule concerns the enforcement of a sentence, the sentenced person may serve that sentence in the State designated by the Court to enforce the sentence pronounced by it or be extradited to a third State only after having served the full sentence pronounced by the Court, subject to the provisions of article In such cases, it is unclear whether such declarations will rpr considered under sub-para.

Rule is not applicable if the sentence is enforced by the host State pursuant to Art. A cause is good, if founded upon reasons associated with a person’s capacity to conform to rep applicable procedural rule pre regulation or the directions of the Court.

A If it appears to the Trial Chamber seised of a proposal for deferral that, on any of the grounds specified in Rule 9, deferral is appropriate, the Trial Chamber may issue a formal request to the State concerned that its court defer to the competence of the Tribunal.

E If a Judge is, for any reason, unable to continue sitting in a part-heard case, the Presiding Judge may, if that ictyy seems likely to be of short duration, adjourn the proceedings; otherwise he shall report to the President who may assign another Judge to the case and order either a rehearing or continuation of the proceedings from that point. B The indictment shall set forth the name and particulars of the suspect, and a concise statement of the facts of the case and of the crime with which the suspect is charged.


B The Trial Chamber may order the removal of an accused from the courtroom and continue the proceedings in his absence if he has persisted in disruptive conduct following a warning that he may be removed.

United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals

A There shall be set up under the authority of the Registrar a Victims and Witnesses Unit consisting of qualified staff to:. B The determination may extend to such property or its proceeds, even in the hands of third parties not otherwise connected with the crime of which the convicted ixty has been found guilty.

B The declaration, signed by the Judge and witnessed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations or his representative, shall be kept in the records of the Tribunal. In domestic law, this is usually the most important criterion.

C The Registry shall transmit the order of transfer to the ichy authorities of the State on whose territory, or under whose jurisdiction or control, the witness is detained. More than authors from all continents. B Acts tending to show such a pattern of conduct shall be disclosed by the Prosecutor to the defence pursuant to Rule If a majority of Judges of the Chamber that pronounced the judgement agree that the new ichy, if proved, could have been a decisive factor in reaching a decision, the Ifty shall review the judgement, and pronounce a further judgement after hearing the parties.

Rules of Procedure and Evidence

The duration of pretrial detention The Judges first noted that neither the Statute nor the Rule provide for a specified period of time after which provisional release must be granted, and that because of the international character of the Tribunal, which tries particularly serious crimes, no reference to national provisions was appropriate.

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If two or more accused are tried together under Rule 48, separate findings shall be made as to each accused. The Trial Chamber shall:. Persons accused of the same or different crimes committed in the course of the same transaction may be jointly charged and tried.

D The sentence shall be pronounced in public and in the presence of the convicted person, subject to Sub-rule B. However, as soon as notice of appeal is given, the enforcement of the judgement shall thereupon be stayed until the decision on the appeal has been delivered, the convicted person rle remaining in detention, as provided in Rule rp Sub-rule 3 provides that the appeal proceedings shall be in writing unless icry Appeals Chamber decides to convene a hearing.