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A Result Map lets you control how data qjestions extracted from the result of a query, and how the columns are mapped to object properties. Note Parameter Map names are always local to the Data Map definition file where they are defined. If a resultMap is not specified, you may specify a resultClass instead. This map takes some properties from a LineItem instance and merges the values into the SQL statement. If application is already developed in Hiberante and if you want to achieve reporting moduels we can go for ibatis.

The second is replaced with the description property.

You can populate the underlying class in any order, and the Parameter Map ensures each value is passed in the correct order. The SqlMapper is designed to be multi-threaded and long-lived, and so makes for a good singleton.

This is the name of the one of the properties of the result object, the value of which is used as the key for each entry. This setting globally enables or disables all cache models for an SqlMapClient.

Note Ibattis parameter maps are handy for small jobs, but when there are a lot of type descriptors and null value replacements in a complex statement, an industrial-strength, external parameterMap can be easer. In a relational database, one table will often refer to another. Note An example is the Java PreparedStatement method. The following table shows the inferred Parameter type based niterview the object passed as the Parameter value or the specified DbType.


The constructor of SimpleDataSource requires a Properties parameter that takes knterview number of configuration properties. Example 10 shows an example of generating the usual array of CRUD statements. A provider may require libraries that you do not have installed, and so the provider element allows you to disable unused providers. The SqlMapClient interface has methods that allow you to demarcate transactional boundaries.

An Ant task is included with the framework to convert your XML files for you described below. Now these queries can be accesed as Java objects and can be called by passing parameters. This module is in charge of giving the user a way to query about how our processes are being executed. The only way to return a connection to the DataSource or close the connection is to call CommitTransaction. The disadvantage is that if the memory used by these results is needed, then it will not be released to make room for other objects possibly more important objects.

iBATIS Overview

ibaits Hibernate and Ibatis both are the persistance frameworks. Each settings has a default, and you can omit the setting element or any of its attributes. I’ve been playing around with Persistence frameworks lately, after been inspired by a Hibernatewhich is a de facto standard is used in lot of places. Installing the Data Mapper for. These brackets distinguish this object as an List to keep the parser intervisw simply outputting the List as a string.

It is important that you become familiar with these config files. For example, if the properties file contains. This module basically contains the essentials to understand ibatix BPMN2 language.

We can retrive the data the way we want. There is no way to specify the types of the output columns if necessarythere is no way to automatically load related data complex propertiesand there is a slight performance consequence from accessing the result metadata. Abha on Get Nth highest record from….

The list of providers you might want to use can be kept in a separate XML descriptor file. Note Result Map names are always local to the Data Map definition file qurstions they are defined in. Look for the opportunity where you can use both. For question complete list, see Section 3. NET uses a pluggable approach to installing providers. Use discretion and organize the statements and maps appropriately for your application by finding some logical way to group them.


But it is very easy to handle in Ibatis. The cache model uses a pluggable framework for supporting different types of caches.

iBATIS Interview Questions & Answers

You have freedom to write your own queries and easy to maintain. The latter is useful for objects that are populated by more than one statement. Hibernate for every query result we should have a corrosponding mapping object. An example is the Java PreparedStatement method. To code the if-else structures and string concatenations could get quite messy and require hundreds of lines of code. Too much overhead would be associated with the PaginatedList otherwise.

What is different between Hibernate and iBatis?

While the attributes specified by the map still need to be in the correct order, each parameter is named. The four CRUD statement types insert, select, update, and delete are supported.

Java Magic do the magic with java…. This reference type is probably the best choice in most cases and is the default ihterview the reference-type is not specified. Note Similarly, make sure you only have one method named getXxxx and setXxxx.

When the requirements for a statement are simple and obvious, you may not even need to write a SQL statement at all. You are commenting using your Twitter account.