[PDF] Htc Touch Hd T Manual Free Download PDF Book is the book you are looking for, by download PDF Htc Touch Hd T Manual. December 9th, – HTC Touch HD T Blackstone Manual User Htc T Touch HD Smartphone Pdf User Manuals View online or. User manual – HTC Touch HD User Manual ( MB); Quick start guide – HTC Touch HD Model – HTC Touch HD™ T (overseas), T (Australia).

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HTC also reserves the right to revise the content of this document at any time without prior notice. This product is equipped with a USB Cable for connecting with desktop or notebook computer. Be sure your computer is properly grounded earthed before connecting this product to the computer. The power supply cord of a desktop or notebook msnual has an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, clearly marked.

These include fueling areas, below deck on boats, fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities, and areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders. In the event of such interference, you may want to consult your service provider, or call the customer service line to discuss alternatives.


This product should be operated in its normal- use position to ensure the radiative performance and safety of the interference. It is also recommended that you store the device in a protective case and only use the device stylus or your finger when interacting with the touch screen.

Contents Chapter 1 Getting Started t8228.

Chapter 2 Using Phone Features 2. Use Windows Mobile Device Center View and reply to messages Chapter 11 Experiencing Multimedia Chapter 12 Programs Chapter 13 Managing Your Device Chapter 1 Getting Started 1. Front panel Earpiece Listen to a phone call from here. To install the SIM card Make sure your device is turned off. Locate the SIM card slot, then insert the SIM card with its gold contacts facing down and its cut-off corner facing out the card slot.

Slide the SIM card completely into the slot. To reduce risk of fire or burns: To install a microSD card Insert the microSD card hrc the slot with its gold contacts facing down until it clicks into place.

To automatically configure data connection settings When you see the notification message from the Connection Setup, tap Yes.

Note If you do not see the notification message, tap on the Title ht to display the message. If your SIM card supports multiple network operator profiles, a message will appear with network profile choices. Finger-touch control A quick and easy way to interact with the home screen and the whole interface of your device is by touch. Basically, the following are the types of actions, called finger gestures, you would use when interacting with your device: Touch or tap When selecting items on the screen, such as the Home screen tabs, Start menu, The direction of swiping resembles the way you move a printed document as you are reading it.

Slide Sliding on the touch screen also involves dragging with your finger, but you need to press and hold your finger with some pressure before you start to drag. To use the stylus, pull it out from the stylus compartment at the bottom of the right panel of your device.


The stylus is magnetic and sticks to the side when held close to the device. This prevents you hhtc accidentally losing or misplacing the stylus. Touch or tap to select an item on the Start menu. Open a recently-used program. You can quickly switch between running programs, stop programs, and see how much program memory is being used. Customize Task Manager settings.

The system volume and ring volume can be separately adjusted. Touch the icon area in the title bar and then touch the Speaker icon the System Status screen. You can also manually close the screen by touching the screen. Internet Sharing When you do not have Internet access on your computer, you can select tohch mode to use your device as a modem for your computer.

The Phone screen To open the Phone screen, do one of the following: After tapping 2 keys and the number you are dialing is not found in your contacts, a Save to Contacts? Tap this button and then choose whether to create a new contact to save the number or to add the number to an existing contact.

Do one of the following: The full phone number includes the country code, area code without the leading zero, if anyand phone number. Call voice mail Number 1 is generally reserved for your voice mail. Tap and hold manuual button on the Phone screen keypad to call voice mail and retrieve your voice mail messages. When Reject call with text message is enabled, tap Send Text when the phone rings to reject the call and send the text message to the caller. Call functions When a call is in progress, tap the available buttons on the Phone screen to put a call on hold, dial another contact for a phone conference, enter notes about the conversation, and more.

To set up a conference call Either htd a call on hold, and dial a second number; or, accept a second incoming call when you already have one in progress.

To dial a second number, tap Note Not all mobile phone networks support conference calling. Contact your wireless service provider for details. When you enable this option, a pop-up message appears after you end the phone call and lets you add the phone number to Contacts. Check missed calls You will see the icon in the title bar when you missed a call. To check who the caller was, do one of the following: A brightness bar appears on the screen. Drag the slider to the right to increase the brightness mxnual to the left to decrease the brightness of the live image.

Accept or reject an incoming video call When you receive a video call, the Incoming Voice Call screen will appear, allowing you to either answer or ignore the call. To reject an incoming voice call Press the END button. To enable or disable Airplane Mode Another way to turn off the phone function is to switch your device to Airplane Mode.

When you enable Airplane Mode, all wireless radios on your device are turned off, including the phone function, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

HTC Touch HD Manual / User Guide

A pop-up message should appear on your device saying dh a connection has been established between your device and car kit phone. Chapter 4 Entering Text 4. Tap the Input Selector arrow that appears next to the Input Panel icon to open a menu where you can select a text input method and customize input options.

Tap to toggle between using Normal or T9 mode. With its large, touch-friendly manjal and enhanced features such as T9 predictive input, you can enter text faster and more accurately. The Phone Keypad has large keys and enhanced input features such as T9 predictive input, which makes it faster for you to enter text in your messages and documents. On the Touch Input Settings screen, select or clear the following options according to your preferences: To lock the keyboard in Numeric and Symbol mode You can lock the keyboard in Numeric and Symbol mode so you can continuously enter symbols and numbers.


To enter punctuation and symbols Transcriber comes with an on-screen keyboard that provides an easy way to add punctuation or a special symbol to existing text. To use this on-screen keyboard, tap on the Transcriber toolbar.

HTC Touch HD Manual / User Guide

The keyboard remains visible until you tap the button again. The following types of information can be synchronized between your computer and your device: For more information about setting up a Bluetooth partnership, see Chapter 9. Try to synchronize regularly in order to keep information up-to-date in both your device and your computer.

Note Choose Connect without setting up your device if you only want to transfer media files, check for updates, and explore your device but not synchronize Outlook information. Select the items you want to synchronize, then click Next. On Windows Mobile Device Center, you can do the following: Note For a list of compatible Windows systems, manul to http: When you finish the wizard, ActiveSync synchronizes your device automatically.

HTC Touch HD User Manual

Notice that Outlook e-mails and other information appear on your device after synchronization. Change which information is synchronized You can change the information types and the amount of information to synchronize for each type either on your device or your computer. Follow the steps below to change synchronization settings on your device.

Note Before changing synchronization settings on your device, disconnect it from your computer. Troubleshoot sync connection problem In some cases, when the computer connects to the Internet or a local network, it may disconnect the connection with your device in favor of the Internet or network connection. Chapter 6 Exchanging Messages 6.

To select a messaging account Do one of the following: Select a messaging account in which to add a signature. Select the Use signature with this account check box.

In the provided text box, enter the information that will be displayed as your signature. If you want the signature to be added whenever you reply or forward messages, select the Use when replying and forwarding check otuch, then tap OK.

Touch Send text message. Compose and send a text message After creating a new text message, follow the steps below to enter your message and then send it. Manage text messages Text messages that are sent to and received from a contact or number are grouped as a single thread in your inbox. Threaded SMS lets you see exchanged messages similar to a chat program with a contact on the screen.

Select a message in the thread that you want to copy to the SIM card. Note You cannot copy a sent message from the thread to the SIM card.