Hell [Henri Barbusse, Edward J. O’Brien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hell (L’enfer) is a study of voyeurism written in by Henri. There are books to read for pleasure and then there are books that draw you into a world that is deep with emotion. Henri Barbusse’s The Inferno, or Hell, is one. Hell (L’enfer) is a study of voyeurism written in by Henri Barbusse. When it was translated into English in it ignited a scandal. A young man in a Paris.

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He died in France in The main motive was his belief in the Bolshevik cause, although Esperanto was also of real interest. Yet I can’t help but think that this could have been a much better book. One window in particular, a chink between bricks allowing visual access to the room next door, is the one the narrator becomes obsessed by. He died in the Soviet Union in The author strips man of all his externals and perhaps that is what he wishes to show.

Barbusse introduces late on a character Villiers — a successful novelist with no insights, no new ideas, but a retinue of admirers. The problem of life however is not the removal of suffering; it the the realization of happiness within the suffering. The story of the older gentleman is more than worth your time.

The idea of death: You can no more look destiny in the face than you can look at the sun, and yet destiny is grey.

Barbusse was the author of a biography of Joseph Stalin, titled Staline: But did Barbusse communicate with us in this book?

How could I imagine, except in madness, that I can emerge from myself? View all 8 comments. My library Help Advanced Book Search.


We think therefore we are. There is no paradise other than what we ourselves take into the immense tombs of the churches. Communism affected all his subsequent work.

And then we meet an older gentleman and his nubile charge. However, we were surprised that Amazon and Kindle should be setting before us without acknowledgement a novel that differs greatly from that intended by the author.

What I want,’ she added, with perfect simplicity, ‘is to be happy, I, just as I am, and with all my suffering This convincing and dramatic account came as a shocking helk to many.

Happiness can be born of misery. Joy goes in hand with sorrow. Patrick McGuinness is a fellow and tutor in French at St.

Hell (Barbusse novel) – Wikipedia

His voyeurism eventually convinces him to quit his room and find a fulfilling life of his own, but as he attempts to leave he is crippled with backache and blindness. Decades ahead of its time, “Hell” shocked and scandalized the A young man staying in a Paris boarding house finds a hole barbussd the wall above his bed. This site uses cookies. On the contrary, Hell is generally regarded as a realm “below,” a meaning reflected in the derivation. View all 10 comments. His belief in communism appears to have been total and uncritical.

Henri Barbusse

What a beautiful, mindblowing book. For someone who wrote one of the greatest novels to come out of the First World War and is often credited as the writer who turned French literature around in the twentieth century, Henri Barbusse is surprisingly little known in much of the world today.

Barbusse subsequently led a violent press campaign against his former friend Panait Istrati – a Romanian writer who had expressed criticism of the Soviet state. I am sorry for the men and women who go through life together in the chains of indifference.

For the rest, skip it. To a young and passionate man this may seem normal, but he was middle aged and war weary when he adopted the Russian Revolution. Filled to the brim as it may be with obvious-isms and what could easily be presented by a lazier, less intuitive writer as sappy woe-is-me-ness, there’s something terribly honest about Hell that manages to dance around the “lost in translation” trap without tripping down that chasm of redundancy, despite the oft-repeated statement of the narrator that we are “all alone” even in the presence of the closest of companions.


Barbusse, Henri: Hell [l’enfer] or The Inferno | Monthly Book Group

Human, as self- conscious beings who are condemned to hell right from their birth. Certainly he does not seem to be particularly interested by the characters he is creating.

They’re all talking about the same “tragedy”: No eBook available Amazon. What could possibly convince me that beyond the impassable frontiers of thought the universe has an existence separate from my own? Of what use is it to be beautiful and chaste?

And what intriguing ch The Inferno alternate title – Hell by Henri Barbusse makes for one strange reading experience. In fact, I had to put the book down for a couple of months for respite. Now imagine you proceed despite this arrogant ass and you find a very good novelette buried among the prolix musings.

Life, it seems, is a matter of which window we choose to observe it from. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But, that does not mean this should be written off completely. Twitter Facebook Print Reddit Email.