Hawaldar Bahadur, who starred in his eponymous series, was a Constable in the Police Force of the fictitious (but very closely resembling our. Rare Manoj Comics hindi digest Hawaldar bahadur aur pippilota. Year: s; Condition: Acceptable; Publisher: Manoj. 1 in stock. Add to cart. The latest Tweets from Hawaldar Bahadur (@hawaldarbahadur). पहले ब्युटी, फिर ड़्युटी.

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I remember him, read in one of my cousin’s house! This is great way to bring back so many memories!!!

What a delightful theme! I think Hawaldar Bahadur would be the comic to please my nahadur love to laugh. For me, if I could try one of these comics, it would be Akbar Birbal.

Hawaldar Bahadur

Thanks for giving me insight into another culture! It is amazing how similar our entertainment is, even though we are from different parts of bahadu world. A Multigenre lifestyle blog. My blog posts all through April will follow the theme: Hawaldar Bahadur was a constable in the most inept but still functional police force in the history of Indian comics books and despite this managed to catch made bahaduf, smugglers, thieves and what not.


Published by Manoj Comics, his stories had villains with funny names, the titles were unconventional and his antics dramatic and stupid but always funny. The stories had me laughing out loud and enjoying all the drama unfolding in the comics.

I loved Hawaldar Bahadur with his stupidly funny tantrums and am sure to laugh still when I pick one of his comics to read!

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