Music composed by G. F. Handel. Libretto by Charles Jennens, based on 1 Samuel. First Performance: 16 January , King’s/Queen’s. Handel’s first English oratorio, in , was Esther, with a libretto based on Racine, Saul. In July the cancellation of the intended opera season was. Handel Saul Atto 1 Libretto – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Of my own Ruin Liretto So shall thy Great Creator bless, And bid thy Days serenely flow: And wherefore must he die? David, sent by his father to take food to his older brothers, who were in Saul’s army, accepts the challenge and kills Goliath with a pebble from his shepherd’s sling.

The text of Saul was published indescribed on the title-page as ‘an oratorio or sacred drama’. Air soprano “An infant rais’d by Thy command” 4. Chorus of Israelites “Eagles were not so swift as they” For thee, my Brother Jonathan. Unable to restrain his anger, he orders Jonathan to kill David.

From Crime to Crime he blindly goes. Already see libretyo Daughters of the Land. Allegro David Impious Wretch, of Race accurst! Soprano, Alto, Tenore, Basso. Gracious Lord, his Pain assuage. Above all Heav’ns, O King, ador’d. Return no more to Jesse: Saul Dar’st thou oppose my Will? Dr Johnson may have seen fit to describe Jennens as an English ‘Solyman the Magnificent’, but he was, nevertheless, a man of taste and discernment. Protestant Germany and England.


What great rewards are due! To Day he seeks my Life. In a well known letter to Lord Guernsey on 19th September Jennens describes a visit to Handel, whose head, he found, was ‘more full of maggots than ever’. Scene the Third Saul and Jonathan.

Saul (Handel) – Wikipedia

During the following years Handel continued to develop the form of the oratorio, chiefly on biblical subjects but with an occasional excursion into the mythological. At the court of King Saul, once a mighty warrior himself, all the hancel celebrate the hero David.

David his Ten Thousands slew. The News in Askelon let none proclaim.

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Of those I once abhorred! Recitative Jonathan, Saul “Appear, my friend” And dost thou ask my Counsel?

With Entrails of the mighty Slain. Through Him we put to flight our Foes. Wretch that I am! Doeg I seek for David; and am sent by Saul.

Saul – Wikisource, the free online library

From Virtue let my Friendship rise. Air Michal “O godlike youth” 8. This page was last edited on 26 Julyat Fly, malicious Spirit, fly.

The lament on the death of Saul and Jonathan, biblically and more usually in the oratorio given to David, has here been divided between those with reason to lament, the High Priest, Merab and Michal, as well as David himself. He is shown to have made his escape, by leaving an effigy in his bed. Based on information supplied by Joachim Carlos Martini.


In an accompanied recitative he laments his own fate, cast off by God and now turning to Hell for aid. On the same page appear two quotations that might be thought to add weight to the work, one, in Greek, from Marcus Aurelius on the nature of virtue, and the other, in Latin, from Cicero on the relation of friendship to virtue. Saul’s furious Look, as he departed hence, Too plainly shew’d the Tempest of his Soul.

Gird on thy Sword, thou Man of Might. Thereafter it was always entrusted by Handel to female singers cf. The chorus of rejoicing is developed briefly in counterpoint.

Impious Wretch, of Race accurst! Saul, in madness, hurls a javelin at him, but David escapes. Exit Jonathan, then Saul. The German-born Handel had been resident in London since and had there enjoyed great success as a composer of Italian operas. What can they give him more? Ten thousands praises are his due! It is assumed that the essential conflict that determines the order of events in Handel’s oratorio is that between God and Saul.