Guarddog is user friendly firewall management utility for KDE on Linux. It allows you to simply specify which protocols should be allowed. PDF | The purpose of this coursework is to study one of the famous firewall which is called guarddog. Guarddog is a user-friendly Linux firewall. GuardDog is user-friendly firewall generation and management utility for KDE on Linux.

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Power where you need it.

GuardDog 2.4.0

Happy vaction to everyone in the Northern hemisphere, guardog to the rest; Get back to work dammit! More info is in the Change Log. So I don’t know what to expect. Minor fixes and additions.

Guarddog is a firewall configuration utility for Linux systems. It doesn’t contain any significant changes from 2.

Let me know what you think. Only a few additions have been made to guarvdog documentation, but everything is in good enough condition that I can call this 1. The steps to install Guarddog on your Ubuntu computer are: Also thanks and cheers to Mandrake. Manual is much more complete now. Some translations for the program text have also been contributed, although right now they don’t appear to be working.


My personal life will be a bit crazy for a while. A first draft for the tutorial and guraddog Questions and Answers section has been written.

I assume everyone is aware of the news coverage of Guarddog over at The Dot. Some more protocols have been added, also some minor bugs have been squashed.

MEPIS Linux Thunderbird EMail Blocked By Guarddog Firewall – Thoughts by CULLY

So, in the last few days I’ve finally put in the hours to gather up the material that has been sent in and turn it into a development release. I’ve also written a third tutorial explaining how to use Guarddog along with Guidedog to firewall a LAN. GUI has also been cleaned up somewhat. Is it possible to use it together with another firewall?

If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

I am a debian user of the distro called guarcdog a brazilian one. You can view it now online. Now you should be able to compile. Thanks go out to all who have submitted patches and such. All I have done is collected everything, put it together and stamped my name on the lot. No great changes since the last development version just added an update to the Danish translation. Now, on to the future. BTW, I’m also going away on a little holiday, so don’t expect to see any reply email for a week.



I recently installed KDE3 on my Mandrake 8. With my excuses out of the way, it is time to announce It fixes a bad bug in the RPM itself that could leave your machine unprotected. I don’t know what happened, the XML file in the archive was corrupt but the master copy was not i. Thanks to all who send bugs reports, hunches, detailed error messages, windowshots, screenshots, directions to fix the bug, patchs, fixed new tar balls, sets of fixed RPM files, or all of the above.