When I first saw Darmani’s Grief Child in the bookstore and looked at the title, many synonyms came to mind sorrow, pain, anguish, misery. Grief Child [Lawrence Darmani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. GRIEF CHILD. ISBN 25 1. This novel won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for First Book, Africa Region, in , and selected by the West Africa.

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However, in a matter of two months, Adu’s life drastically had a turn of a hundred and eighty degrees as he tragically lost his whole family members.

Engage: Discourses on Kenyan Literature: Is Grief Child a worthwhile novel?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mar 21, Kyere K. It is especially so for fiction which provides a wide array of texts to choose from. Fortunately, he failed as he remembered what a Christian friend once told him. She is cast as an evil woman whose life is shrouded in mystery and crowned by an innate desire to hate others.

It is well organized and the characters in the story played an important role.

It was about a boy who lost his whole family what his life was like after that. The book was very captive.

He suffered so much in the hands of his aunt to the degree of wanting to put an end to his life. Is one of the interesting book you could ever get to read.

But, if what goes on at the Beach Front is so great, why does Asamoah run back to school so fast? Dear Martin Uchenna, I am so glad that this has been helpful. Is Grief Child a novel worth our reading?


Got tears flowing down my eyes cus it touched my Heart. Second Term at the Eternity Senior High School turns out to be highly eventful, with lots of expectations to pursue.

A good thing Adu chose life over death. I really like this book is a nice novel See all 4 questions about Grief Child….

Beautifully written story of good overcoming evil. Bayo, the Senior Housemaster of Savanna.

Apr 29, Jerry rated it it was amazing. Cudjo completes his nursing training and internship in a city hospital and is delighted to be posted to his hometown to serve his people. Kukua can’t believe what she sees when she goes to the internet cafe to check her BECE results. Jan 14, Evans Ocran added it. It would certainly have been a mission unaccomplished had Uncle Sam not appeared on the scene at the right time.

Zakari cannot understand what is happening at the village of Tulali. This is a favourite novel for senior high schools and other educational institutions for its fast-paced, highly relevant theme for our time. In the midst of studying hard for the impending examination, how does Samira handle the appearance of a strange woman who claims to be her long-lost and forgotten biological mother?

African literature at its best. Aug 02, Eliza added it. We are constantly strung up in a complex chasm; whilst fighting to assert ourselves, we are simultaneously undermined by our knowledge that the world is constantly changing and hence we cannot remain static.

Grief Child

Your father wants you to live, he wants you to live for him. When I read it at first I nearly wept. The little village of Susa slept in darkness in the heart of the forest farms, among the tall trees. At least I can now reminisce about it because I have hindsight knowledge of what relationships are I found myself in tears when I got to the middle of the story. In this novel, myth interlocks with reality where they progress in parellel wether you went to Ghana or not, this novel puts hand on most warm ghanian impressions; The crops planted there, tall trees of cocoa, the food as fufu, the wicky weather and harmattan When the story begins, Sosu and his mates at the Eden School are put to a strange test by Mr.


What is not funny, however, is Kukua’s violent reaction when a senior girl tells her secretly, “Be my supi! To convey the meaning of Ghana’s National Anthem and the National Pledge to young readers, Lawrence Darmani told it in story form instead of a straight commentary. Grief Chil Lawrence’s purpose in publishing Grief Child is to inform the others that, life may be of obstacles and struggling but brave, hope and determined people get through it. Can a baby be thrown away at birth and still manage to grow up and enter senior high school?