Gorski vijenac (original tiskan pod naslovom Горскıй вıенацъ, crnogor.ćiril Горски вијенац), klasično djelo crnogorske nacionalne književnosti Petra II. Petrovića. Gusle Gorski Vijenac Za WWW pripremili. Nebojsa i Mila Radovanovic, inspirisani od strane naseg krstenog kuma. Nebojse Kovacevica, a za opste dobro. : Gorski vijenac / THE MOUNTAIN WREATH (): Petar II Petrovic Njegos: Books.

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The basic gorskl of The Mountain Wreath is the struggle for freedom, justice and dignity. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Petar II Petrovic Njegos: Gorski vijenac

He also shows that man must forever fight for his rights and for whatever he attains, for nothing comes by chance. With a strong philosophical basis in its verses The Mountain Wreath depicts three distinct, opposing civilizations: He views Ottoman rule over medieval Christian Serbia as an effective guard against crusading warriors of Western Catholicism, stating that the poem views “Muslim’s repeated pleads for coexistence simply as satanic temptations, the smile of Judas, which Metropolitan Danilo finally overcomes celebrating the massacre at the end”.

The Mountain Wreath, considered the greatest work in Serbian literature, Retrieved from ” https: Torn by inner conflict he sees that the struggle is inevitable, but dreads the issues. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat An International Reference Work in 5 Volumes. With its call for the extermination of those Montenegrins who had converted to Islam, the poem was also a paean to ethnic cleansing Religion and the Politics of Identity in Kosovo.


The main themes of “The Mountain Wreath” can be divided into three interlaced categories: The Formation of National Movements. It is a modern epic written in verse as a playthus combining three of the major modes of literary expression.

He subjects the entire plot and all characters to this central idea.

It is considered a masterpiece of the Serbian and Montenegrin literature. Views Read Edit View history.

Islam in the Balkans: Written as a series of fictitious scenes in the form of dialogues and viejnac, the poem opens with Metropolitan Danilo’s vision of the spread of Turkish power in Europe.

Poetry or a Blueprint for the Final Solution? In his view, it “denotes Slavic Muslims as Christ-Killers, and plays a significant role in ethnic conflict and Bosnian War of the s”, pointing out that The Mountain Wreath is memorized and quoted by radical Serb nationalists of the s.

Gorski vijenac

The Mountain Wreath which is considered a masterpiece in Serbian and Montenegrin literature. Starting as a poetic vision it develops into a political-historical drama that expands into a wreath of epic depictions of Montenegrin life, including feasts, gatherings, customs, beliefs, and gofski struggle to survive the Ottoman oppression.

Aside from many powerful metaphors, striking images, and a healthy dose of humour which enlivens an otherwise sombre and often tragic atmosphere, the poem also features numerous profound thoughts, frequently expressed in the laconic proverbial manner, with many verses later becoming famous proverbs, [8] for example:.

Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro today Montenegro. In Trencsenyi, Balazs; Kopecek, Michal. The poem is constructed around vijwnac single, allegedly historical event, that took place on a particular Christmas Day in the early s, during Metropolitan Danilo’s rule: Employing a decasyllabilic metre, the poem is written in the pure language of Serbian epic folk poetry.


According to Tim Judah “there was another side to The Mountain Wreath far more sinister than its praise of tyrannicide. Articles containing Serbian-language text. In his foreword to the first English edition of the poem inAnglicist Vasa D. Michael Sellsa professor of Islamic History and Literature shares a similar view, stating that the poem, a required reading in all schools in prewar Yugoslavia is notable for its celebration of ethnic cleansing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide.

Горски вијенац

For him, the Islamization of Montenegrins represents the initial stage in the process of dissolving the traditional vijenav values that are so typical for Montenegro, and he condemns the converts for gorskk being conscious of that fact. His nephew Peter II Petrovic was to do much to promote cultural life, and with his poem, The Mountain Wreath Gorski Vijenac,he added a masterpiece to Serbian literature.

The characters fight to correct a local flaw in their society – the presence of turncoats whose allegiance is to a foreign power bent on conquest – but they are at the same time involved in a struggle between good and evil. The Mountain Wreath Serbian: