If the system is plugged into an Ethernet network with a DHCP. The Gentoo minimal installation CD is a bootable image. Installing the Gentoo installation files. From Gentoo Wiki.

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A commonly used value is native as that tells the compiler to select the target architecture of the current system the one users are installing Gentoo on. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

If the tests are positive, congratulations!

Handbook Talk:AMD64/Full/Installation – Gentoo Wiki

It might be necessary to recompile the kernel. This is an excellent option for the majority of installations because it provides a great amount of flexibility for customization in handblok future.

When all is done, the network connection should work. It uses a straightforward yet perhaps not intuitive syntax. There seems to be a lot of random traversal of the kernel configuration. Be sure to read through the EFI stub kernel article before continuing.

If no choice is made within 15 seconds either displaying information or using a kernel then the installation media will fall back to booting from disk. The Gentoo wiki team also offers a Documentation topic overview which lists a selection of wiki articles by category. There is no perfect value for the swap partition.


Write down the names of the kernel and initrd as this information is used when the boot loader configuration file is edited. If ifconfig -a produces no results then the hardware is faulty or the driver for the interface has not been loaded into the kernel. First, if it aamd64 not exist, create the repos. Others are available through Portage as well – the number of available packages increases on a daily basis. Make handbkok to read it and follow them before switching to a newer profile.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to add a user for day-to-day use. It is also recommended bandbook enable MCE features if available so that users are able to be notified of hqndbook hardware problems.

When using a wireless DHCP Hansbook Host Configuration Protocol makes it possible to automatically receive networking information IP address, netmask, broadcast address, gateway, nameservers etc.

Typically “No” is used when we believe the current implementation is beneficial for the majority of readers.

When all that is done, run pptp along with the options that couldn’t be set in options. Confirm the wireless settings by using iw dev wlp9s0 link. This environment contains all the right tools to install Gentoo.

Gentoo handbook amd64 pdf ^966^

Sometimes exotic hardware requires help gentop load their drivers. They also could show up in a different order depending on which of the devices are detected by the kernel first during the early boot process.

If an initramfs is necessary, then change the configuration by referring to this initramfs file and telling the initramfs where hanndbook root device is located:. If it is not obvious use an internet search engine yandbook do some research using the motherboard’s model name as the search keyword. This is due to the fact that large parts of the Gentoo Handbook use installation source text that is shared for all architectures to avoid duplication of efforts and starvation of development resources.


Another way is to use the sudo hansbook which is, if correctly configured, very secure. Important This does not verify that the. It supports MBR and, as of version 6. The following example shows the output of ip addr of another system so the information shown is different from the previous example:.

Ignore the other files available at this location for now – those will come back when the installation has proceeded further. As an example, we boot the gentoo kernel, with dopcmcia as a kernel parameter:. It also doesn’t guide the user to a UEFI installation.

This discussion is done. Depending on the installation medium, the only tool necessary to download a stage tarball is a web browser. There should be two scenarios: This effectively renders the ability to switch to multilib profiles improbable, but possible.