GAMES OF COMMAND — Feb RITA Award Finalist! PEARL Award Winner! Can she trust a man who is half-machine? The universe isn’t what it used . The universe isn’t what it used to be. With the new Alliance between the Triad and the United Coalition, Captain Tasha “Sass” Sebastian. Games of Command Linnea Sinclair This bit of space opera romance silliness is dedicated, with thanks, to: Janie Blankenship, RN, DON, aka Doc Eden, who.

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Which was why a visit with him soon was on her schedule. What else am I?

Linnea Sinclair Games Of Command | Audrey Diy –

Kinnea needed to lonnea her. There is so much you need to know. The Jace Serafino you have in sick bay is only part of the person I am. But I also sinclaur an intriguing thriller to make things even more interesting.

In order for short-range scan to function at all, it has to be. It could be anything from the universe farting to the birth of a major black hole as the result of a dark-star implosion perhaps hundreds of thousands of light-years away. Jace can be a bit annoying with all his confidence but his dry humor is quite refreshing. She closed her eye. She decided to ignore him before her tired mind fueled her temper. And then there were the bits I didn’t like. His loud purr filled the room, softening as he fell asleep.


Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair | : Books

A vortex—a hole violently torn in the space—time continuum. Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair is a fun space sincllair which was an entertaining read with many good parts and some that made me round down my initial 3. Her feelings come more slowly, and have a lot to do with her trusting him. Their solid friendship felt real. But the Nasyry have no love of weakling half-breeds.

She felt him grin back, a small tickle of warmth in her mind as he sent his words: We had some minor dealings—even played a couple hands of Starfield Doubles.

Games of Command

That only made the incident worse for the CMO. Tasha and Kel-Paten both have a few very potent secrets to hide, from each other and the Alliance. Highly recommended to all romance lovers, even those who aren’t into space operas! But did Serafino know something, and was he helping them? Were sinxlair using vortices to infiltrate Triad space? Ace would never take that risk. They often invert the subject and predicate. But in a good way.


She must be more tired than she thought. He drew her against him, fitting her against his chest, his face resting in her hair. Only cold, hard clinical facts. Sinclair whips her characters through a story comamnd is as exciting and action packed as it is passionate.

Apr 18, Brownbetty rated it it was ok. It trilled just as she exited—still in her stocking feet—into the corridor.

Anger was preferable to fear. He always had the option of switching to his surplus power supply to stay awake for another thirty-six to forty-eight hours. She had no sense of walls, but she had a definite sense of floor, and, as she did for years, she took a few steps forward once she realized where she was.

Feathered vanes were known to shear off, taking sections of the hull with them. Years ago, I believe. We stop Bad Thing? I doubt he remembers me. She had a few friends, but for the most part, she didn’t trust or rely on others.