Fill Fragebogen Zur Steuerlichen Erfassung English Version, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. @tiahardyrobinson/how-to-do-the-fragebogen-zur- steuerlichen-erfassung-in-englishedition-for-freelancers-. Form: Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung (Registration with guide was based on the May version of the official “Fragebogen zur.

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Here are the official examples for this field 1: If this does not apply to you, leave this line blank. Resident businesses Resident businesses can register for VAT when they establish their business or later by contacting the tax authority by post or electronically see above. If you are a freelancer or only own one steueelichen, leave this line blank. Your current profession and your birth date. Bring the form and all the attached documents and go to the Finanzamt.

Log in No subscription? Log in or sign up in seconds. Your second telephone number, if applicable. If it’s your spouse or civil partner’s name, check “lt.

You need to have a bank account to complete this form. It took me everything to finish this guide. If you decide to stfuerlichen VAT, you can’t change your decision for the next 5 years stejerlichen. If you happen to be in that situation, there are lots of legal ways to navigate around that which your tax consultant erfwssung be happy to inform you about. When establishing your business in Germany, you will need to submit the Application form for tax registration Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung to the tax authority.


The name of the previous owner of the company, if applicable. Freelancers and small businesses should normally check “Nein”. If you did not have a post office box, leave this line blank.

See Freiberufler or Gewerbe: You should not check this box. This guide will help you fill this form line by line, in plain English. If you want to attach additional erfazsung, mention them here.

Thank you so very much!!! This list can help you. The postal code, city and PO number of the post office box of the person with power of attorney for your taxes.

The postal code, city and region of the address where you live. The current profession and the birth date of your spouse or civil partner. If your business uses a different fiscal calendar, check “Ja” and write the first day of your business year. Also, at this point, its only for a one-off event, so my expectations are low and impossible to predict.

The date and place where this form was signed, and your signature.

As a translator, you probably don’t have many expenses. Write the name of the Finanzamt where you registered.

Check the ” Eine Eintragung is beabsichtigt ” box if you want to be registered. Check this box if you want to apply for tax deductions on construction work.

In most cases, you should check “Nein”.

Attach the name, address and contact information of the other locations to the form when you submit it. If you don’t have a residence permit, or if your residence permit does not allow self-employment, you should apply for the correct visa first.


Germany, How to Register | Croner-i Tax and Accounting

Use this list of professions to erfasskng you find the right translation. Non-resident businesses will be asked to submit the same documentation as fixed establishments see above.

The birth name or maiden name of your spouse of civil partner. For example, receiving a pension. If you checked “Nein”, leave this field blank. If you are acquiring a business or changing the legal form of a business see subsection 2. If your name has never changed, leave this field blank. The name of owner of your personal bank account.

BIC number of your personal bank account. By mail You can send this form to the Finanzamt you put on line 1. The date at which you officially started working on your business, including opening bank accounts, reserving domain names, contracting other people etc.

How to fill the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung

For example, stock market income, bonds and interests. If you want to determine the time and amount of your tax payments, do not check this box 1. The Finanzamt will use this description to determine if you are a xteuerlichen Gewerbe or a freelancer Freiberufler 1so this is very important. This is so incredibly helpful.