BD Micro, GUIDE ENTEROTUBE II INTERPRETATION GUIDE, Enterotube, Each. BD Micro, GUIDE ENTEROTUBE II INTERPRETATION GUIDE, Enterotube. Remarks: Glucose – Any degree of yellow is positive. Acid end products from glucose fermentation turn the pH indicator from red (alkaline) to yellow (acid). of a Multitest System (Enterotube) for Enterotube, a multiple-test system which combines nine biochemical tests useful in the identification . (ii) Modified lysine-lactose me- dium: a .. Bergey’s manual of determinative bacteriology.

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If no color change, or an orange color, is observed in the glucose compartment and growth is evident by color changes in other compartments, the organism interprettaion not a member of the family Lnterpretation.

Bacterial decarboxylation of lysine, which results in the formation of the unterpretation end product cadaverine, is indicated by a change in the color of the indicator in the medium from pale yellow acidic to purple alkaline. A copper to brownish discoloration is read as negative. Indicate each positive test result by circling the number appearing below the appropriate compartment on the Results Pad Figure 6. Biochemical identification of bacteria.

The production of acetoin is detected after the addition of the VP reagents after incubation see Test Procedure section. The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to explore the differences between Staphylococcal species and More information.

Gelatin Hydrolysis Test Protocol The Gelatin Hydrolysis Test is used to detect the ability of microorganisms to produce the enzyme gelatinase. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Students should be able to – recognize evidence s of a chemical enterptube – convert word equations into formula equations – perform More information. The pyruvic acid formed reacts with a ferric salt present in the medium to produce a characteristic black to smoky gray color.


Explanation of gudie Test. Do not flame wire. Depending on this decision, use the frontside or the backside of the coding pad.

A positive reaction is indicated by the development of a cherry-red color within 5 to interprettaion min. This is due to the fact that there are only a few basic shapes and physical features More information.

All other tests must be read before the indole and Voges-Proskauer tests are performed as the reagents added for these tests may alter the remainder of the BBL Enterotube II reactions. The stones are made. Opened tubes must be used immediately.

The presence of acetoin is indicated by the development of a red color within 5 to 20 min. Book knowledge is valuable, but if you continue on in the field More information. Selective media allow certain types of organisms to grow, and inhibit the growth. The media are contained in plates Petri dishes.

Locate the five digit number in the Interpretation Guide codebook and find the best answer s in the column entitled ID Value.

Biol Lab Manual: Interpretation of Enterotube II

Biochemical identification of bacteria Dr. For professional use only Do not use tubes if they show evidence of microbial contamination, discoloration, wax detachment from the respective media, drying, cracking or other signs of deterioration. Although it is often More guife.

Kidney stones, renal calculi or renal lithiasis are small, hard deposits that form inside your kidneys. Madi, and Mohamed H. To determine the carbohydrate class of an unknown by carrying out a series of chemical reactions with the unknown and known compounds in each class More information.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BBL Enterotube II. IA Rev.: Jan. 2007

Hydrogen sulfide is produced by light amber bacteria capable of reducing sulfur-containing compounds, such as peptones and sodium thiosulfate present in the medium. Isolation and identification of Unknown Bacteria.

Tests for ions and gases The position of hydrogen in the reactivity series Hydrogen, although not a metal, is included in the reactivity series because it, like metals, can be displaced from aqueous solution, only this time the More information.

Able to detoxify toxic by products intrpretation oxygen.

Where two or more organisms are listed, the confirmatory tests required to further guuide them are also given. Break wire at notch by bending.

To study chemical and physical properties of proteins from natural sources egg and milk and some chemical reactions of amino acid residues in these proteins, More information.

In one case the resolved result was different than either initial result. Voges-Proskauer reagents may be prepared as follows: The VP test is mandatory only if the database with VP is used. Taxa other than those listed in Table 3 are not intended for use in this system. A visible amount of inoculum should be seen at the tip and the side of the wire.