ANSYS EnSight is a 3D post-processing and visualization software program to analyze, visualize and communicate your simulation and experimental data. EnSight® is a registered trademark of Computational Engineering International, Inc. All (For a step-by-step tutorial please see How To Read Data). Changes . CEI has completely revamped their Ensight website, and the new site contains several tutorials on some of the more advanced functions. In addition to simply.

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Image kindly provided by Paul Arias U. Loading your dataset, simple interactions Tutorial 2: Therefore, I’m wondering if you have some generic Fortran coding that I could use to start from? I restarted EnSight and created pathlines forward in time by reading in the EnSight Particle Emitter File in hopes that the forward and backward pathlines would be similar.

In brief, I think there are a tutoriao of things worth considering that directly lead to the difference in your to and fro path lines. Or turn on the Emit at current time so that the streamlines get recomputed as you change timesteps. I wish we had exactly what you are asking for, in very clear form.

Web problem or question? Send email to viswebmaster at lbl dot gov. It handles simulation data from a wide range of physics from fluids, structures, particles, crash and more.

ANSYS EnSight: 3D Post-Processing & Visualization Software

February 18, In reality, each integration route is only an approximation, and that approximation depends on the step-size control. Vietazz, I’ll try to help here When creating pathlines for transient data do the time steps have to be equally spaced?

If such sample coding is not available, is there any other documentation available that is easier to follow that what I found in the User Manual? Do I have to worry about “Full Backup” compatibility issues when EnSight goes through a letter upgrade, like from d to eetc.? Add Thread to del.


Toggle on Node and toggle off Line and Element. Note that if you are connected from home or elsewhere via a VPN to MyServer, you can enter the “who” command in the MyServer window to determine the correct MyClient name to enter in step 5 above. See “view Tracking”, it is a new feature of EnSight8. Engineers use this powerful, general purpose post-processing tool to gain new design insights and then clearly and effectively sell their recommendations.

MichArnaud Trouve U. With stream lines this only occurs once – due ot the resident nature of the time. One way to do this is in the Node, element and line attributes turndown area of the Feature Detail Editor for the part of interest.

But with path lines, this may occur several times; depending on the frequency that the trace exits the domain and returns in the domain. Mich Praveen Narayanan U.

File Format Issues Issues with tecplot. In terminating a trace, we play the “Oh my gosh we have exited the domain during our RK 4 – where is the best place for us to exit? I will be really gratefull to whoever could help me. Before doing the right click on the line tool to create the query, make sure that you have the domain selected in the Parts Window through which you want to make the query. When you use Ensight to post-process KIVA results, you might see some weird spots at places where it should not show up.

Mich Arnaud Trouve U. I did not complete my point 1 thought below. Meaningful Results – Article. The time now is Why don’t forward and backward created pathlines match? Picking the correct begin point. This parallel version of EnSight enables engineers to handle very large models more than million cells. If there is a place in the manual that describes this, please just point me to the section.


The only way one would get an exact reverse path line, would be to control the exact step size determination for each path line segment. Get inspired to see your data like never before.

Download or play the following three files Shockwave files. Particle Plots Tutorial 5: After fixing that problem, we realized that the VisIt tecplot reader had an issue with interpreting the contents of the dataset if both x and y variables had a unit attribute next to them.


Can I output to a file scalars from a pathline? We try to offer some parameters to control the step-size of dtbut there are time they get over ridden. Thus, leads me to the next point. Using the Tools Point, Line, Plane, Box, etc are also used to create the new clip, and then query against the clip.

Tags ensightplotsquery Thread Tools.

For example, if the times at which I have data dumps are 0. It is possible for these to differ on the reverse integration route. It is a data fusion program.

Pseudocolor plots of temperature fields Left and vorticity Right from a simulation of flame extinction by water spray. With EnSight, you can create and communicate the best looking, clear, highest resolution simulation results on datasets that were previously thought to be too big to handle. Analyze, visualize and communicate your simulation data with EnSight.

This would occur ensigut to the different in dt step-size criteria that can be adjusted along the integration path. Do you have tutorial files for visualizing Forces and Moments in Ensight?