The EMS R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8″/ mm (e.g. a wafer). The EMST S Plus is a high resolution sputter coater for oxidizing and non- oxidizing The EMS T Plus product line is a compact turbomolecular- pumped. EMS T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater. The EMST is a compact turbomolecular- pumped coating system suitable for SEM,. TEM and many.

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Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater, EMST S – Science Services

For details of other stages, see Ordering Information. The EMS allows for carbon evaporation, metal evaporation from both baskets and crucibles and sputter coating option.

Pioneering annular head sputter coater developed by Polaron. Vacuum spigot allows a more convenient connection of the vacuum hose to the rear of the EMS T ES when bench depth is limited. The stage rotation speed is variable between preset limits. Includes two spare quartz crystals. Thermal evaporation of metals from filaments or boats. An adjustable stop is used to set the height. However, this is not suitable for electron microscopy applications because it will heat the sample and can result in damage when the plasma interacts with the sample.

Discontinued circa and replaced by SC The e-stop can be retrofitted to existing systems. The unit has a turbo pump, externally mounted for convenience and easy exchange, and is backed up by a Rotary Vacuum Pump.

These products are for Research Use Only. Users can rapidly change the chamber, if necessary, to avoid cross contamination of sensitive samples. System prompts user to confirm target material and it then automatically selects appropriate parameters for that material.


View Cart Request a Catalog. Toggle navigation Quorum Technologies. Allows multiple users to input and store coating recipes, with a new feature to sort recipes per user according to recent use. Targets available from Quorum please confirm if 57 mm disc or 82 mm annular style. The deposition heads can be swapped in seconds and the intelligent system logic automatically recognises which head is in place and displays the appropriate operating settings.

High resolution turbomolecular pumped capacitive touch-screen controled sputter coater with status LED indicatorincluding quick release sputter insert and one TK 57mm diameter x 0. Intuitive full graphical interface with touch screen buttons, includes features such as a log of the last coatings carried out and reminders for when maintenance is due.

Includes features such as a log of the last coatings and reminders for when maintenance is due. Full graphical interface with touch screen buttons.

For carbon supplies see: For increased source to sample distance and for coating large specimens. Fitted with three individual sputtering heads and a rotating specimen stag, it was rotary-pumped and suitable for non-oxidising metals.

All are easy-change, drop-in style no screws and are height adjustable except for the rotary planetary stage. For reproducible high-quality carbon films, we would recommend the use of shaped carbon rods. For other stages, see Ordering Information. For alternative stages, see Ordering Information.

The EMS T D Plus can be fitted with an optional dual film thickness monitor FTMwhich measures the coating thickness on two quartz crystal monitors located within the chamber. The platform has six specimen stub positions for 15 mm, 10 mm, 6.

Sputter coating is a technique widely used in various applications; it is possible to create a plasma and sputter metals with high voltage, poor vacuum and no automation. Sputtering insert Thermal evaporation insert Carbon rod evaporation insert. The system flexibility is further enhanced by the use of a microcontroller, which readily allows the customer access to a range of options, but readily ‘defaults’ to optimum operating conditions, allowing both fully automatic and manual override as required.


Two-year spares kit for QT E Plus. Electron Microscopy Sciences specializes in the manufacturing, preparation and distribution of the highest quality laboratory chemicals and microscopy supplies and equipment for electron microscopy, light emz, and histology. Rotation speed is variable between preset limits.

High vacuum turbo pumping allows sputtering of a wide range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals for thin film and electron microscopy applications. Tall chamber option is available for improved uniformity for sputtering and to hold larger substrates. Ideal for increased source to specimen distance and for coating of larger specimens.

Includes features such as a log of the last coatings and reminders for when maintenance thrbo due. Carbon rod evaporation insert for 3. For cleaning TEM apertures, a standard molybdenum boat supplied can be fitted. With the high-quality vacuum system the EMS T D Plus is also capable of using oxidizing metal targets such as chromium Cr spufter Aluminum Al to produce fine films and coatings.

Substrates can be coated using non-oxidizing noble metals such as gold Au and platinum Pt. Other optional targets are available:.

Quorum Technologies

Sun and planet-style stage with conductance turbl thickness monitor. Also provides rotation drive to the stage. The EMS T ES uses controlled ramped carbon rod evaporation to ensure optimum control of the process and quality of results with or without the optional film thickness measurement system.