Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful . Title: This Duchess of Mine. Author: Eloisa James. Genre: Historical (Georgian) romance. Publisher: Avon Publishing Date: May 26, Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful. .

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One of her three French maids, Mariette, was a genius in that area and had spent two hours in the afternoon constructing a style fit for a royal occasion.

Chess plays an important part in this story, both in the way that the characters relate to one another and also in a very sexy chess match in bed that has been promised for a long time in the series. In fact, we have something of a community going on my website. I do not play and I got sick of all the narrative being devoted to the game of chess and how that drove Jemma’s decisions, when what I really wanted was more interaction between her and Elijah.


This Duchess of Mine by Eloisa James

First of all, let me say that this is a charming story. Honestly, I could elojsa leave my review at that one sentence and it would be complete. Husbands were just there, like coals in Newcastle and pigs in the sty.

He knows he is going to die soon and his situation is getting worse by each passing day. Now my question was: Their love scenes were touching, minf hot and steamy too. Showing of 1 reviews. Also his search jamss his children was great, I loved how he handled the nasty man who had his eldest boy, I was cheering.

D I would like to see, who became his duchess ; Recommendations for this book. How do I appear?

This Duchess of Mine

With his generosity, kindness, and all the warm-feeling he could give. Because it was gooood!!! But now Jemma is back because her husband needs an heir.

She has an unpredictable disposition as a writer and marches to her own drum, so to speak. So I’m a writer, a professor, a mother – and a wife. What woman in love with her husband encourages another woman to flirt with him because it might be more of a challenge?

This is the last of this series for me because I started with the last book. From so many books by her I read, this is the best. With the template drawn only in outline so readers could DIY, Eloisa then elooisa a challenge: The only thing that counts is how one uses the time one has. I will still check out other books by James, but this was a true disappointment.


Years of separation and lack of communication have led to misunderstandings between the duchesa. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. Thanks for telling us about the problem. At the end of the book, she is writing a book – about chess!

mjne My husband Alessandro is Italian, born in Florence. I’d be a hysterical crying mess. EJ answers the former but not the latter.

Vincent from “Devil in Winter”, but not nearly as charming, witty, or dangerous. Hoping it lives up just as much! When he decides that he’s going to win her affections back, watch out.