Imam Ali – Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakhai was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as.) and this sublime Dua was first heard from the. English Arabic Chinese (Simplified) French German Greek Hindi Indonesian Italian . Imam Ali asked Kumayl to sit down, record and memorise the Dua which. Dua Kumayl (Arabic: دعاء كميل ) is a supplication famous among Shi’a for its perceived beauty And whose weapon is weeping! You can see the complete English text of Du’a Kumayl here and also here via video with English subtitle.

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Then how dus he remain in torments when he hopefully relies upon Thy past forbearance, compassion and mercy? In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

Dua-e-Kumayl with English Translation – دُعَاء كُميل

My Protector, so how should he remain in the chastisement, while he has hope for Your previous clemency? And calls to You with the tongue of those who profess Your Unity.

I find kumxil place to flee from what has occurred through me, Nor any place of escape to which I may turn in my affairs, Other than Your acceptance of my excuse and Your entering me into the compass of Your mercy. The interpretation of one’s personal interaction with God through du’a presents several differences.

And over tongues voicing sincerely the profession of Your Unity and giving thanks to You in praise. You are more generous than that You should squander him whom You have nurtured. While he laments to You with the lament of one hopeful for Your mercy. Nor has such been reported — thanks to Your bounty — concerning You, O All-generous! Except Thee I do not find any one able to pardon my sins nor to conceal my loathsome acts Nor have I any one except Thee to change my evil deeds into virtues There is no god but Thou glory and praise be to Thee I have made my own soul to suffer Dia had the audacity to sin by my ignorance Relying upon my past remembrance of Thee and Thy grace towards me.


O’ Master of my freedom! I beseech Thee by Thy mercy which encompasses all things And by Thy power by which Thou overcometh all things and submit to it all things and humble mumail it all things And by Thy might by which Thou hast conquered all things And by Thy majesty against which nothing can stand up.

Complete text of Du’a’ Kumayl in Arabic with Trasliteration and English Translation

Even though it is a tribulation and ordeal whose stay is short, whose subsistence is but little and, whose period is but fleeting. So Thine is the argument against me in all of that I have no argument in what Your destiny put into effect through me therein nor in what Your decree and Your tribulation imposed upon me.

O Allah, forgive me for those sins which alter blessings! Thou hast therefore a just cause against me in all those matters and I have no plea against Thy judgement passed against me I have therefore become justifiably liable to Thy judgement and afflictions.

English Translation of Dua Kumail – Wilayat Mission

O Allah, forgive me for those sins which draw down tribulation! How then can I bear the retributions and the punishments of the hereafter which are enormous and of intensive sufferings, of prolonged period and perpetual duration, and which shall never be alleviated for those who deserve the same as those retributions will be the result of Thy wrath; and Thy punishment which neither the heavens nor the earth can withstand and bear!

O Thou who gave rise to my creation, to the remembrance of me, to the nurture of me, to goodness toward me and to nourishment on me. And desire fervently Your proximity among the fervently desirous. And not to hasten me to punishment for what I have done in private:. By Thy honour truly do I swear that, if Thou wilt allow my power of speech to be retained by me in the hell, I shall amongst its inmates cry out bewailingly unto Thee like the cry of those who have faith in Thy kindness and compassion And I shall bemoan for Thee for being deprived of nearness to Thee the lamentation of those who are bereaved, and I shall keep on calling unto Thee: Owner of my bondage!


I entreat Thee begging Thee snglish, humbly and awestrickenly To treat me with clemency and mercy, and to make me kumall and contented with what Thou hast allotted to me And cause me to be modest and unassuming in all circumstances.

And make me one of the most excellent of Your slaves in Portion from You, And the nearest of them in station to You And the most elected of them in proximity to You. Strengthen my limbs for Thy service and sustain the strength of my hands to persevere in Thy service and bestow upon me the eagerness to fear Thee and constantly to serve Thee.

Or submit to tribulation him whom You have spared and shown mercy.

English Translation of Dua Kumail

And You know my weakness before a little of this world’s tribulations kumaio punishments. O Allah, verily I ask You with the asking of a submissive, abased and lowly man to show me forbearance, to have mercy on me.

O You kumaol gave rise to my creation, to the remembrance of me, to the nurture of me, to goodness toward me and to nourishment on me. Part of a series on Shia Islam. Click to download PDF printer friendly version of the dua.

And how much beautiful praise, for which I was unworthy, You have spread abroad! For it is a tribulation whose period is long, whose station endures and whose sufferers are given no respite.

For it is a tribulation whose period is long, whose station endures and whose sufferers are given no respite, Since it only occurs as a result of Your wrath, Your kumsil and Your anger, And kumaiil cannot be withstood by the heavens and the earth.

So I ask You by Your might not to let my evil veil my supplication from You, And not to disgrace me through the hidden things You knowest of my secrets And not to hasten me to punishment for what I have done in private: