As The Dragon Lensman opens, the Boskonian conspiracy seems to have been vanquished with its defeat at the great Battle of Klovia, and the. All about The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Publication: The Dragon Lensman Publication Record # ; Author: David A . Kyle; Date: ; ISBN: [].

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Next book in this series: This was re-dubbed by Streamline Pictures in with some of the same voice actors. In this and in several other ways, Kyle shows himself not to be Smith, despite the endorsement from A.

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Jeff Wallace rated it it was amazing Nov 21, So I guess that means I have even more reason to read the next instalments Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The real failing of the book is that it’s not about Worsel at all, but rather a new, Kyle-created character. It adds an lendman short dtagon originally published with the Triplanetary name which is transitional to the novel First Lensman.

The Lens gives its wearer a dgagon of mental capabilities, including those needed to enforce the law on alien planets, and to bridge the communication gap between different life-forms. Three additional Lensmen novels that feature the alien Second-Stage Lensmen known as the Second-Stage Lensman Trilogy were written by David Kylepublished in paperback between and and reissued in Second Stage Lensman 1 Lensman: I read this one a LONG time ago.


Lalla Kallatra is interesting– but not as interesting as a gigantic evil-fighting dragon. Randy Smith rated it liked it Nov 08, C lick here to order from your local independent bookseller: Second Stage Lensman 1.

Lensman series – Wikipedia

As always, Doc had worked it out in great detail, but never so far as I know wrote it down Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Click on either item for a larger image. Garrett also referred to the Lenses in his Lord Darcy stories, in which similar lenses are the badges of the King’s Messengers, invented by the wizard “Sir Edward Elmer”. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Second Stage Lensman 3 books. The series begins with Triplanetarybeginning two billion years before the present time and continuing into the near future.

One of the successful aspects of Smith’s writing was to balance cosmic ideas against a simple plot; the main Lensmen story is just a series of battles between good and evil, gradually increasing in dragom. The Arisians make it known that if Samms, the head of the Triplanetary Service, visits the Arisian planetary system he will be given the tool he needs to build the Galactic Patrol.

Also I think the main thrust of the story to be incompatible with important aspects of Smith’s Lensman universe. Timo Friedrich rated it did not like it Nov 18, Dec 14, John rated it it was ok Shelves: The underlying assumption for this series, based on theories of stellar evolution extant deagon the time of the books’ writing, is that planets form only rarely, and therefore our First and Second Galaxies, with their many billions of planets, are unique.


CD Audiobook 0 editions.

The Arisians describe this as the “most nearly perfect creation the universe has ever seen” and state that they, who created it, are themselves almost entirely ignorant of its powers.

The peaceful Arisians have foregone physical skills in order to develop contemplative mental power. But he told me the ending orally and in private. For more help see lenskan Common Knowledge help page.

The Dragon Lensman

They see the many races in the universe, with which the Arisians were intending to build a peaceful civilization, as fodder for their power-drive.

This is worthy addition to the series, and although lenwman writer is of course, not E. Lens,an chosen for this honor were called Lensmen, and as the leaders of the Galactic Patrol they formed Civilization’s spearhead against the Boskone.

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