Draeger SCBA Promotion includes a completed edition SCBA for less than $ Before you can protect the lives of others, you have to protect yourself. The Dräger PSS® SCBA breathing apparatus provides unmatched comfort. 6 products Searching for DRAEGER Industrial SCBA products? Grainger’s got your back. Easy ordering & convenient delivery. Log-in or register for your pricing.

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Incorporating a centralized power supply and pressure sensor module within the backplate, the robust system combines maximum component protection with balanced weight distribution for reduced physical stress. Before you can protect the lives of draever, you have to protect yourself. Home Fire Services Fire Services. With a trusted backlit pneumatic style transmitting gauge, the Sentinel increases personal safety because it: Firefighting requires working under hazardous conditions with poor visibility.

Always within the field o A stainless steel harness-friction buckle makes the SCBA fast and easy to don and doff. Housed in impact-resistant, water-resistant casing, these craeger systems have demonstrated excellent repeatability and reliability in scbq tests and field use over the years.

Product Information Benefits Literature. Get a Quote Today! Digital noise reduction technology eliminates breathing sounds, ambient noise, and acoustic feedback for crystal clear communication — with or without a radio.

Our modular Sentinel electronic monitoring systems provide you with options to satisfy the needs of any department. The PSS has an adjustable harness suspension system that provides the ultimate in comfort and extended wear. The harness has a high-grip, anti-slip inner sxba that stays securely in place—without a chest strap or having to over-tighten the shoulder straps. Our PSS and PSS carrying systems were designed with comfort in mind to withstand extended wear and frequent use.


In an emergency, there is no time for misunderstanding.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Always within the field of view the head up Decline Disclaimer Accept Disclaimer. The 3-position carbon fiber composite backplate adjusts to comfortably fit different torso lengths.

The quick connect sccba a safety interlock system which prevents disconnection at pressures above 70 psi approx. Firefighting requires working under hazardous conditions with poor visibility. An electronic gauge provides real-time monitoring of essential information, including: To minimize the risk of snagging or damage, supply hoses are integrated neatly into the backplate.

A slide-and-lock harness mechanism allows the harness and waist belt to be connected or removed from the backplate quickly—without tools.

Disclaimer Please select scga language: This flexibility allows you to work more effectively and with less fatigue. Our SCBAs are designed to be worn on the hip, not shoulder, to give you maximum flexibility while crawling and climbing.

A proven quarter-turn adapter allows you to quickly and easily attach the cylinder to the reducer—saving time compared to conventional threaded reducer hand wheel and cylinder connections.

The backplate automatically lengthens and pivots to mirror your movements. Control unit with large Push-To-Talk button for easy handling scbx the radio transmitter.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Portfolio

The unique self-adjusting and pivoting waist belt keeps xraeger SCBA on your hips when you reach and prevents your coat from riding up. In an emergency, there is no time for misunderstanding. Designed to the highest standards for long-term performance, our Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus SCBA deliver a low total cost of ownership that fits almost any budget. Cooling channels in the shoulder straps and waist belt reduce the likelihood of compression burns. To reduce back strain, the weight of the harness is designed to ride on your hips.


Breathing Apparatus

A PASS device Visual and audible warnings and alarms A streamlined design that reduces snag points Intuitive push-button operation for ease of use Configurable settings to suit individual preferences Data logging for improved post-incident analysis. The right choice for every department. The ergonomic PSS combines trusted pneumatics, flexible fit, and quick cylinder connection—freeing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

The material is easy to clean and disinfect, and is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. Please select your language: Sends a wakeup signal to the paired PASS device and HUD when the cylinder is opened, ensuring that the system is ready before you enter a hazardous zone Includes a configurable alarm that alerts you when absorbed temperatures reach a critical level Draws attention to a firefighter in distress by generating distinctive visual and audible alert signals Decreases snagging hazards by reducing the need for additional cables or wires.

Durable webbing and advanced compression-molded comfort padding offer up to 6.