Significado del catéter para los(as) adolescentes en diálisis .. una herramienta útil en el estudio de la tasa de infección y disfunción en dos tipos de en la colocación de catéter de Tenckhoff en pacientes con diálisis peritoneal continua . Introducción La disfunción del catéter de diálisis peritoneal se puede originar for self-locating catheters as compared with other Tenckhoff catheter designs. Adherence to the silicone rubber Tenckhoff catheter has been identified as one factor in the pathogenesis and persistence of these infections. We have studied.

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Because of this, feelings of frustration, sadness and nullity became stronger.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

The diwfuncion of studies assessing PD catheter placement place special emphasis on a previous history of abdominal surgery as a potential risk for PD complications. During the study period, a total of patients disfuhcion placed catheters women and men. It is important to understand that for amusement the adolescents requires being with peers. The following are the themes that comprise the catheter meaning for the adolescents; the adolescents’ names used in describing the results are fictitious.

Gobierno de Chile, Ministerio de Salud. The authors affirm that they have no conflicts of interest related to the content of this article. We present the case of a patient in which the administration of lanthanum carbonate produced severe constipation and displacement of the catheter to the point where peritoneal dialysis treatment became impossible.

May Pages Possible risk factors included the following: Dialysate solution was immediately infused into the peritoneal cavity while in the operating room in order to ensure there was no leakage of dialysate fluid.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

The first interview was conducted after the dialysis with the hemodialysis adolescents and after the physician visit with the peritoneal dialysis adolescents. In our study, we did not find significant risk factors for early catheter replacement.


Each patient was administered cefotaxime 1g intravenously in a single dose for preoperative prophylaxis. Noo, because when one sees the other girls in the neighborhood or in school wearing all those clothes one can’t that is awful, one gets bored seeing the girls, the girls so pretty and one cateetr ugly, and that should wear nothing, so I feel bad, I get furious, sometimes I feel like doing many things, it’s that one looks like an old person.

There was a significant association of wound infection and post-operative incisional hernia with catheter replacement. A prospective, randomised study evaluating omentectomy and PD catheter placement would confirm our conclusions. Health professionals should make efforts to ensure lasting tenckhfof the support groups such as finding a special meeting place, scheduling the meetings, and solving any meeting difficulties that could happen.

By doing this, the friendship ties, identity, and self-esteem are strengthened. We determined odds ratios OR and created a logistic regression model in order to determine the risk factors in the univariate analysis. In addition, our results are similar or better than the results from Asian studies involving open techniques in terms of mechanical complications 4,5,8 and even better than results from laparoscopic techniques, 7,9,10 so we have continued to use an open surgical approach.

The teenager boys in hemodialysis also had to change their way of dressing to sport clothes and loose T-shirt. In addition, our results are similar or better than the results from Asian studies involving open techniques in terms of mechanical complications 4,5,8 and even better than results from laparoscopic techniques, 7,9,10 so we have continued to use an open surgical approach.

In our study, omentectomy had a protective effect against catheter dysfunction and caeter in both univariate and multivariate analyses, probably due to the reduced rate of obstruction from omental wrapping.

As a way to overcome this, Patricia asked for help to the adults around her. We received approval from the Institutional Review Board and the Bioethics Committee for data collection and analysis, respectively. So to lose the possibility of having fun as they catetsr used to before the illness was one of the most difficult aspects they had to cope with; this was a significant loss for them.


The methodological strategy used to carry out the study was the interpretive phenomenology based on Heidegger ontological philosophy. Esteban reacted with behaviors that could be considered as self-destructive; he continued with all the recreational activities he was used to before the illness such as swimming in rivers and pools, playing hard games with his peers from school and neighborhood; he did not comply with the recommendations from the renal unit staff, he took good care letting his friends and peers know about his no compliance with the treatment.

Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis PD has become an established option for treating patients with end-stage renal disease.

The second interview took place at the adolescents’ home. Recently sinceomentopexy has been performed using the same criteria as omentectomy. This may reveal suboptimal salvage manoeuvres, such as anti-infection treatment and catheter recovery using fluoroscopic guidance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Demographical data, patient characteristics, surgical records, and catheter complications during the first year requiring catheter replacement were collected and analysed. The adolescents must cope simultaneously with the teckhoff from adolescence and the illness.

In particular, Mexico is the country with the highest use of this technique in the world. Mean duration of surgery was