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Materialgesetze zum Spannungs-Dehnungs-Zeitverhalten von ultra-hochfestem Beton. Der Dom zu Speyer. As only a small fraction of the lattice truss reinforcement can demonstrate corrosion and, if so, only on a locally limited basis, the reinforcement remains properly integrated in the concrete layer, and the serviceability of the system is guaranteed during the intended life cycle. Decreasing porosity of the concrete will be associated with reduction in this positive inhibitory effect, as less hydroxide will be transported to the surface.

Investigation on the influence of granular packing on the flow properties of cementitious suspensions. Measurement Devices and Results. A fracture mechanical investigation of the fatigue behaviour of concrete under tension. Internationale Baustofftagung ibausil, Band 1, Weimar, F. Basics for constitutive modelling towards the next generation of EN Eurocode 2.


Zum Risiko der Schwindrissbildung in Betonbauteilen aus Hochleistungsbeton. Influence of freeze-thaw cycles on capillary absorption and chloride penetration into concrete. SeptemberStark, J. September Garrecht, H. Leichtbeton — Materialeigenschaften und neue Entwicklungen. At this concrete level, therefore, the danger can be dafshb that seepage and as a result disintegration of the concrete at the bottom side of the sleepers i. Verwitterung von Sandstein — Mechanismen und Prognosemodell.

Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

Constitutive relations for numerical analysis of stress-deformation behaviour of concrete subjected to thermal loads. Schallemissionsanalyse und bruchmechanische Kennwerte. Lebenszyklusanalyse bei Betonkonstruktionen — Prognose der Zustandsentwicklung und Lebensdauer bestehender und neuer Bauwerke. Vergessenes Potenzial des Betonbaus?

New Types of High Performance Concretes. Comparison of prediction methods for creep coefficients of structural concrete with experimental data. Carbonic acid will in turn react with the calcium hydroxide, Ca OH 2, of the concrete pore water solution to produce calcium carbonate, CaCO3, accompanied by release of water.

Accept Reject Read More. Sustainable concrete structures through service life design and eco efficient concretes. This conclusion leads, in turn, to the following consequence: Creep and shrinkage of concrete at variable ambient conditions. Modelling of reinforcement corrosion — cracking and spalling of concrete. Fracture behaviour of high-performance concrete.

Investigation on creep mechanisms of hardened cement paste by means of the small angel x-ray scattering method. Bautenschutz und Bausanierung, Modellierung des Sulfatangriffs auf Beton. One-dimensional scanning of water transport in hardened cement paste during freeze-thaw attack by NMR imaging. Fractological investigations on the fracture in concrete.


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IMB-Veröffentlichungen – Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

These circumstances are furthermore compounded by the following phenomena: Insitu-Bestimmung des Wassergehalts bzw. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau Jhrg. Magazine of Concrete Research 63Heft 1, S. Vom Mechanismus zu Vermeidungsstrategien.

Fakten, Modelle, Anwendungen, K.

Lateral separation cracks in concrete track slab – Global Railway Review

Raumklimatische Beanspruchungen der Putze. New Materials and technologies for the production of high-performance lightweight concrete. Grouting of an underground concrete barrage in karst limestone. Design and properties of sustainable concrete.

Characteristics and prediction of creep high-performance concrete. Environmental impact, performance and service lifetime — pillars of sustainable concrete construction. Auflage, Oktober dafwtb, Beuth Verlag,S. Materials and Structures, Vol.

Fracture mechanical assessment of railway superstructures made of concrete. Planen, Herstellen, Beurteilen, Investigations on freeze-thaw resistance of recycling concrete.