Ctesias of Cnidus was a Greek physician who lived in the last half of the fifth authors who form fragments of Ctesias, most notably Bekker’s. Ctesias returned to Greece in and began writing his Persica, a history of Assyria-Babylonia in 23 books. Books I–VI included a history of Assyria and the. CTESIAS (Gk. Ktēsías), Greek physician at the Achaemenid court and author of Persiká, who belonged to the Cnidian school of physicians, which claimed to.

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During his father’s lifetime, Ochus was made satrap of Hyrcaniaand given in marriage to Parysatis, the daughter of Artaxerxes and his own sister. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It also, contends Matt Waters, is an essential but often misunderstood source for the history of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. It includes all testimonies and fragments on Persia, India and othera page introduction, the Greek texte, a French translation, and commentary notes.

Oebaras, afraid of suffering the same punishment, although Cyrus assured him that he would not allow it, starved himself to death by fasting for ten days.

UW Press: Ctesias’ Persica and Its Near Eastern Context

The letter of Ctesias to Euagoras concerning reconciliation with Anaxagoras prince of the Cyprians. When his answer was reported to the king, the Paphlagonian eunuch Artoxares and Amestris urged him to make peace without delay. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be ctessias to accommodate all contributions.

Cyrus was the favourite of his mother, who hoped to secure the succession for him instead of her eldest son, Arsaces. But he was unable to fill the vessel of oil, as had been written.


Having done so, they persuaded Artaxerxes note [Artaxerxes I Makrocheir. Here the seventeenth book ends. As to the worth of the Persica there has been much controversy, both in ancient and modern times. Before this, the son of Croesus was handed over ctesiias a hostage, the king himself having been deceived by a divine vision. Besides these three, he also had a son Bagapaeus and a daughter Parysatis by Andria, also a Babylonian, who became the mother of Artaxerxes and Cyrus.

Clearchus and the other generals were sent in chains to Artaxerxes at Babylon, where all the people flocked to see Clearchus. But the crime was revealed in a dream, and Petisacas, at the cctesias request of Amytis, was handed over to her by Cyrus for punishment. But a certain Udiastes, who had great influence with Terituchmes, having received letters from the king promising to reward him generously if he could save his daughter, attacked and murdered Terituchmes, who courageously defended himself and slew it is said thirty-seven of his assailants.

She in turn informed the king, who left her to do as she would with the offender.

Astyigas was accorded a splendid funeral; his body had remained untouched by wild beasts in the wilder-ness, some lions having guarded it until it was removed by Petisacas.

Although many ancient authorities valued it highly, and ctrsias it to discredit Herodotusa modern author writes that ” Ctesias’s unreliability makes Herodotus seem a model of accuracy. However, he fled with his army and Megabyzus gained a brilliant victory.

This is the end of the eleventh book. Lycon also received several towns and districts as the reward of his treachery.

Then a naval engagement took place between the Greeks with ships and the Persians with more than under Onophas. Only a few pefsica have been preserved. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The Natural History of Unicorns.


Photius’ Excerpt of Ctesias’ Persica – Livius

He had reigned seven months. The perslca was anxious to put Artyphius to death, but Parysatis advised him not to do so at once, in order to deceive Arsites and induce him also to submit; when both had surrendered, she said they could both be put to death. On his refusing to go, the eunuch Matacas was sent in his place, to insult Apollo and plunder the temple. For this reason Artabarius, who meditated desertion, was accused and thrown into the ashes.

Despite the inclusion of fanciful stories about man-eating tigers and dog-headed men, it is a valuable document on pre-Alexandrian India. For the classical authors any current edition may be consulted. His son Mitradates was appointed to his satrapy. Please presica again later.

Ctesias, Overview of the works

In his account of these events Ctesias differs from Herodotus. Although he reproaches Herodotus for his old wives’ tales, he is not free from the same defect, especially in his account of India. After his execution, a marvelous thing happened. A table knife was smeared with poison on one side.

A strong wind sprang up and heaped a quantity of earth upon his body, which formed a natural tomb.

His general Artapanuswith 10, men, fought an engagement with Leonidas, the Spartan general, at Thermopylae ; the Persian host was cut to pieces, while only two or three of the Spartans were slain. The bodies of the king and queen were conveyed by Bagorazus to Persis.