Cracked by K M Walton – book cover, description, publication history. Bullying gets a thorough examination in Walton’s YA debut, a stark, but often heavy-handed story that alternates between the perspectives of. I have had Cracked by KM Walton in my TBR pile for an obnoxious amount of time, at least two years which is totally unreasonable as it is so.

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Want to Read saving….

KM Walton has an enjoyable, easy paced writing style. But underneath each person has their issues to deal with as well as their strengths. Want to see more bookish things from me?

It’s an emotional read, but sometimes reading about someone else’s problems can be a cathartic experience. The writing was very juvenile, there was hardly any details, and I found some of the things to be extremely unrealistic. This needs to be published. Little is wasted on extraneous details, instead we get an unadorned story with flawless character development and an interesting plot.

And she just did an amazing job really getting into the head of both her main characters to the point that I found myself getting a fair bit worked up over both of their predicaments wow, ‘predicament’ really almost belittles the content of the story. I was hoping Frank was actually Bulls dad, but I’m glad he wasn’t. Internal External Conflicts 1 1 Feb 27, But instead of forming her plot around the realities of psychiatric hospitalization I feel like Walton did the opposite and it stunted the amazing turns it could have taken.

Thanks Lenore Appelhans for gifting me this one! Characterization 1 2 Feb 26, This story seemed more of a lesson j.m.walton “don’t judge a book by its cover” than in bullying. Jun 01, Jay G rated it liked it. It is a book that crakes creates sparks–the hope of illumination. How things are not always as they seem and while it’s easy to sit back and judge we really dont know what goes on in other peoples lives.


Cracked | Book by K. M. Walton | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It reminds me that the world is not black and white–but grey–full of shades of truth that blur the lines between right and wrong, good and bad and ultimately life or death.

It just made it that much better. Walton is a friend, an Apocalypsie and a fellow author at Simon Pulse. The lie spares Bull a stint in juvie, but five days in the booby hatch with a bunch of losers will be challenging. See all 4 questions about Cracked….

They shared a close friendship and maybe love, but grew apart from each other and distanced by the end of the book. Cracked is a sad book that will definitely take you back to whatever adolescent feelings of invisibility or awkwardness you thought you’d successfully repressed.

April 4, at 8: April 4, at Will the strange pairing turn into friendship? Lists with This Book. After two incidents in which Victor attempts to kill himself and Bull attempts to kill his grandfather, the two are sent to the same psych ward and end up in the same room together, and need to work out their problems with each other.

Bull is both physically and mentally abused, so he in turn takes all of his anger and frustrations out on his victim, Victor.

Cracked by K.M. Walton

In my experience, people who knew each other outside of the hospital or people who couldn’t get along were put on a sort of restraining k.m.watlon where they were While I absolutely loved the characters and the overall theme of Cracked, I didn’t care much for the way Walton portrayed psychiatric units.

The same could be said for Victor, who has a family member step in and offer him the sort of love he was missing out on from his parents who, I should note, went on a European vacation and when they heard Victor had tried to kill himself, continued their trip anyway. This novel had a lot of potential, but it went in a very different direction than I’d hoped.


That doesn’t happen very often. You guys, my heart is in ribbons. At the Call me cynical, but when I a book about hard-hitting themes like bullying and suicide, I don’t necessarily want “happily ever after. If I saw this on a bookshelf in a store, I’d pick it up. Bull and Victor hate each other. I don’t care for the black border; I k.m.waltoj a stark white cover with the cup of pills would have been more aesthetically pleasing.

The book became a lot more romance based as the story went on, and while this isn’t a bad thing it seemed to come out of nowhere, and all of a sudden the romance k.m.walgon becoming a lot bigger. This book would have been more powerful if it was a little bit more realistic in terms of recovery. They never show him any love or anything.

Cracked by K.M. Walton

But Bull’s issues are even more a matter of his life at home. Both boys decide to take matters into their own hands. I was hoping to s This book has been touted as a great book about bullying.

I don’t want to sound insensitive, but craccked seemed like their stories were made up simply to make their lives as miserable as possible, instead of describing their issues in an honest kind of way.