est-il possible d’appliquer le filtre sur une collection d’object d’une JTable? private JTable table; table = new JTable(model);. table. catch ( but all get is the link of the image: Then that means you are storing text in that column. You have a couple of problems that I can see: You code. This page provides Java code examples for umnModel . The examples are extracted from open source Java projects.

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This provides a table that does a simple locale-specific sort when the user clicks on a column header.

The scroll pane automatically places the table header at the top of the viewport. To add a tool tip to a vours using its renderer, you first need to get or create the cell renderer. Generally, you begin editing a text cell by double-clicking it.

However, for performance reasons, Swing tables are implemented differently. The following code implements the tool tips.

To determine which Comparator to use for a column, TableRowSorter attempts to apply each of the following rules in turn. Although the tool tip text in the previous example is static, you can also implement tool tips whose text changes depending on the state of the cell or program.

Setting rowSelectionEnabled and columnSelectionEnabled to different values has the side effect of also setting cellSelectionEnabled to false. Shows how to use all list selection modes, using a list selection listener that’s shared between a table and list. The column names remain visible at the top of the viewing area when the table data is scrolled.

  LLMC 1996 PDF

How to Use Tabbed Panes Next page: You can define your own subclass, use the factory methods in Collator to obtain a Comparator for a specific locale, or use java. Then, after making sure the rendering component is a JComponentinvoke the setToolTipText method on it.

You can change the text by overriding the table header’s getToolTipText method. This is because cell selection is not supported in this mode in the demo. The default editor creates this instance using a constructor that takes a String as an argument. TableCellRenderer requires just one method: Whether you are setting the editor for a single column of cells using the TableColumn setCellEditor method or for a specific type of data using the JTable setDefaultEditor methodyou specify the editor using an argument that adheres to the TableCellEditor interface.

No tool tips were suppled for the name columns since they seemed self-explanatory.

JTable (Java Platform SE 6 b18)

A table model object must implement the TableModel interface. Comparator objects to sort its rows.

User selections generate a number of events. Your model might hold its data in an array, vector, or hash map, or it might get the data from an outside source such as a database.


As you can see, the code is pretty simple. Setting both rowSelectionEnabled and columnSelectionEnabled to a value has the side effect of also setting cellSelectionEnabled to that value.

This provides a table that does a simple locale-specific sort when the user clicks on a column header. The following code makes the formatted text field the editor for all columns that contain data of type Integer. Demonstrates the default sorter, which allows the user to sort columns by clicking on their headers.

Instead, a single cell renderer is generally used to draw all of the cells that contain the jtabe type of data. All of the radio buttons under “Selection Mode” invoke JTable.

By default, all columns in a table start out with equal width, and the columns automatically fill the entire width of the table. This section tells you how to create and specify a cell renderer.

How to Use Tables

In a subsequent example, newFilter is invoked every time the text field changes. JTable provides a simple API for printing tables. Position the cursor over “First Name”.