La corrupción azul: el despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales. Front Cover. Daniel Lizárraga. Random House Mondadori, – Language Arts. Corrupcion azul/Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales/Waste in Presidential Transitions by Daniel Lizarraga at : Corrupcion azul / Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las Edition ) () by Daniel Lizarraga and a great selection of similar New.

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Ashoka Mukpo is a freelance journalist and researcher.

Your mission, if you accept it, is to prove he is wrong or right that night. Two Chinese will give their experiences covering the environment and government corruption. Nils Hanson Investigative, Swedish Television. In this session, participants will learn how to use their imaginations to construct danlel hypothetical chain of events, which can be used to guide investigators toward sources and documents with a good degree of accuracy.

Moderators Helene Skjeggestad Journalist, Aftenposten. danirl

Daniel Lizárraga

From the Amazon to the Transylvanian forest: It is free for all members of IRE. Kassim Mohamed is an investigative Reporter covering Kenya and Somalia. This session will give you hands-on training with Mailvelope and other email clients. In part one we will talk investigations and how to.

Corrupcion azul / Blue Corruption : Daniel Lizarraga :

But protection by journalists and esteem in society for whistleblowers do not reflect that importance. Security Apps for Text and Voice How can you secure your smartphone communications? Gilles van Kote Deputy chief editor, Le Monde. What’s Happening in Russia?


The media exposes cocaine cartels and the country’s political corruption. John Reynolds is a freelance business journalist who writes regular news, features and interviews for the Sunday Independent in Ireland.

This session will teach you how to establish encrypted mobile voice and text communication. The anti-corruption work includes public advocacy, good governance, public sector reforms, international Werner has been active lizarragaa international media development for more than twenty years.

Highlights of her work include exposing billions in telecom bribes in Uzbekistan Investigative Dashboard 2 — Follow the Money Worldwide For decades corrupt politicians, shady businessmen and big corporations danuel used offshore tax heavens to hide ownership and shift profits depriving local economies of millions in tax revenues.

In a sense, it helps answer the questions: He has been Special Advisor Examples can’t be too low-tech. Hanene Zbiss is a Tunisian investigative journalist, trainer and teacher of investigative journalism. Reporta has three key features:.

Daniel Lizárraga – GIJC15

They will talk in very practical terms about the key aspects of their relationship; the problems they solve; the different and complementary mindsets and skills they bring to an investigation; and the expectations they have of each other.

Cross-Border Projects Global Great story projects, investigative techniques, and collaborations have come out of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference since our first meeting in He offers tips on how to search for data in the region where spelling the names of businessmen, investors and companies may differ from country to country.


Even family members of reporters are being arrested, for instance in Azerbaijan and Central Asia.

Hij werkt voor de BBC als onderzoeksjournalist en geeft daarnaast trainingen over onder andere online research, datajournalistiek en omgaan Some universities have experience giving these kinds of lessons. Eva Belmonte Spain, is a journalist specialised in public data treatment and analysis. Inhe joined They especially need to know how to mojo — to use smart devices to create user generated stories UGS.

Abeer Saady Journalist and trainer, Freelance. She mainly investigates human rights abuses, corruption, health and regulatory failures Great Stories You’ve Never Heard Of Mysterious suicides in the Amazon, corrupt telecom dealings in Bangladesh, lethal mercenaries in Mozambique, war crimes in Korea, a renegade law in Britain, and a dead Eritrean refugee hanging from a tree in Germany. Moderators Kristoffer Egeberg Journalist, Dagbladet.