6 dez. Compostos Aromáticos O que são? Propriedades nos grupos funcionais ” aromático” odor 1 ou + anéis planos de átomos estrutura. Joaquim Fernando Mendes da Silva. Updated 29 August Transcript. 1-Etil- 3,5-dimetil(3-metilfenil)naftaleno. E de: Qual o nome de. Compostos Aromaticos – Sertralina, Riboflavina, Acido Acetilsalicilico, Aromaticidade, Ketamina, Heroina, Fluoxetina, Anil, Sibutramina (Portuguese, Paperback).

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We review these proposals and discuss the most recent findings.

USA6 All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. However, this has some disadvantages such as high cost. Thus, best represented the LLE data for the systems studied.

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With this data, it can be concluded that all the solvents studied have a good capacity for toluene extraction from mixtures with decane. Isto faz com que a constante de velocidade k -1 seja muito maior do que k r [ArH]. Considerando que o mesitileno tenha constante de velocidade cerca de 40 vezes maior do que a constante de velocidade do benzeno, conforme a Tabela 2. II The composition data of tie-lines, obtained experimentally, were used to calculate the selectivity parameter and the distribution coefficient.

COMPOSTOS AROMÁTICOS by Cristian Pereira on Prezi

The physical properties also of great importance in the understanding of the behavior and interactions that occur in liquid mixtures. Given the above, this study main aims to determine liquid-liquid equilibrium data LLE to study the ability of solvents [diethylene glycol DEGtriethylene glycol TEGglycerol and 2-hydroxyethyl amine format 2-HEAF ] in extracting aromatic mixtures with aliphatic.


Cornejo Ponce, Lorena Published: Aromatic nitration is one of the most relevant class of reactions in organic chemistry. How to cite this article.

O primeiro trabalho completo fompostos emusando espectrometria aromaticow massas Desta forma, reatividade e seletividade posicional seriam determinadas em etapas distintas. Navarro, Myriam Lorena Melgarejo Published: The separation of these components is realized, generally, the liquid-liquid extraction process. Estes estudos levaram a resultados inesperados.

B38 B In this process, the sulfolane is the most widely used solvent. Este trabalho foi iniciado durante o curso de Mestrado de S. B32 The separation of these components is realized, generally, the liquid-liquid extraction pr Este trabalho confirmou, de forma geral, os resultados anteriores.

However, the glycerol has presented as the most promising solvent for aromatics extraction. Acta, Electrophilic substitution and electron transfer, in an exclusive way, are both proposed composstos the main mechanism for the reaction.


However, the published results do aromatcios seem to converge to an unique mechanism. Reis, Maria Ines Jacques arimaticos Published: These are commonly derived from reformed naphtha, which are in multicomponent mixtures with aliphatic hydrocarbons. Navarro, Fabiana Maria Salvador Published: Estes resultados podem ser interpretados em termos da exotermicidade do processo. Thus, in this study were also studied the density and viscosity of solvent extractors aromatic.


The results were considered satisfactory, noting that the NRTL was the model that presented minor deviations in compositions. Services on Demand Journal. USA79 For this reason, many studies are developed by the academic community in order to propose alternative solvents to replace the exclusive use of sulfolane by compounds that are important features like good selectivity, easy recoverability and low costs.

B1. Agomaticos experimental methodology for the determination of LLE data was initially validated by reproducing the literature, and the results showed good agreement between these data. Cuelbas, Claudio Jose Published: B34 It has been intensively aromatico by both experimental, including works in the condensed as well as in the gas phase, and theoretical procedures.

Mesquita, Francisca Maria Rodrigues.

Aromatic hydrocarbons are chemical compounds of great interest in the petrochemical industry.