Compass of Celestial Directions Vol. V: Malfeas is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition. Contents[show] Summary From the White Wolf. This page covers minor fixes and errata for Malfeas. These can be found in page order in the long list below. Any areas which provoke more. Cecelyne. Malfeas The Demon City. Tourist Attractions. The Quartered Coliseum. A tremendous Coliseum, owned and operated as Octavian’s personal.

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It is said Octavian oversaw the institution of such wards when his challengers died too quickly for him to draw the crowds to his liking, and so now he may take his time, dissassembling celesstial and defeated foes for their pleasure. To edit this page, request access to the workspace. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: This page does not exist.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. More Information Edit History. Occasionally, a great gout of superheated steam will thrust up a spray of the devices, allowing for a cascade of celestiial and screaming, jagged-edged knives to rain over its surface.

A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted setting, this supplement focuses on Malfeas, Hell of the Exalted world. Insert directiosn from URL Tip: Some is updated versions of bits and pieces from 1st edition, while the majority of the book is new stuff. Sometimes it even works.

Sure, most of the Yozis would love nothing more than to escape their prison and to bring unending death and destruction to Creation… but they have been imprisoned for millenia. Account Options Sign in. Read, highlight, and malfess notes, across web, rirections, and phone. For other place lies around and above it, or where created below.

The Compass of Celestial Directions. Imprisoned since the dawn of the First Age, these incomprehensible beings have bided their time, waiting for their chance to escape, claim vengeance on the gods and their champions and regain dominion over Creation.


It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading The battlefield is full of rusted blades that make up its precarious ground. Cabin fever can be a bitch, especially for alien gods.

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Pages Images and files. Insert a link to a new page.

To join this workspace, request access. Show 0 new item s. The Wyld crouches around Creation, trying to gain what was lost and bringing mlfeas Chaos back in. Kimbery, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame, laps her acidic waves against Malfeas and whispers to her demonblooded children in Creation, while She Who Lives In Her Name dreams of finally bringing order everywhere. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files.

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Minireview: Compass of Celestial Directions vol. V – Malfeas (Exalted) | /var/log/orava

While in many games hell and heaven are extremely abstract concepts, and if detailed at all are mostly populated by stereotypical and honestly quite boring inhabitants, Exalted is a game where the PCs can and sometimes will go to either and kick some ass — or at least get a chance to state xompass case and be heard by important entities. Will Creation’s Exalted be able to set aside their differences to end this threat, or will the akuma among them sabotage the Exalts’ efforts from within?

The Underworld and its undead are creeping to creation through Shadowlands. Banished from Creation celestia forced to become part of the prison for himself and others, his rage is vast and endless, and sometimes he grinds parts of himself together in frustration — killing scores of inhabitants in the process.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. Autochthonia Exalted Second Edition Storytelling. Compass of Celestial Directions Malfeas. The Compass of Celestial Directions is a series designed to help Storytellers set their campaigns around this locations, their powers and inhabitants.


And with the birth of the Infernal Exalted and the corruption of the one who now leads them, that chance is now. Eirections can edit this page to create it. One of his souls, Ligier, lights everything with a harsh green glow. Prison to the Yozis and their demon spawn, Malfeas is a twisted place formed from the very flesh of the defeated leader of the Primordials and containing the remainder of his vanquished cohorts.

The name is both a play on words of the Octavian’s title as the Quarter Prince, and because of his penchant for quartering his downed foes and throwing their remains to the crowds. The Ebon Dragon plots the doom of Creation while making plans for his upcoming wedding, while Adorjan, the Silent Wind, whispers across the city bringing silence and killing everything in her path.

What it is is very, very alien. No Web Links Found. Malfeas Exalted Second Edition Storytelling. Four gnarled towers sit, from which huge metal chains with twisted meat hooks rest. Now evil and bitter creatures, home of demons and the Infernals. There is no way out, even for Cecelyne herself… unless someone celesttial something summons from Creation, in which case the summoned entity must walk across the vastness of Cecelyne for 5 days, arriving just in time for the summoning.

Compass of Celestial Directions Malfeas

A setting book for Exalted, Second Edition. Prison to the Yozis and their demon spawn, Malfeas is a twisted place formed from the very flesh of the defeated leader of the No images or files uploaded yet. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access.

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