Download COMPAQ ARMADA M service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Maintenance and Service Guide Compaq Armada M Series of Personal Computers Sixth Edition (September ) First Edition (July ) Published in the. Service Manual -Compaq Armada M – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Select a category icon on the toolbar. Use the external device only after Windows 95 or Windows 98 has loaded. Product Description 1. Press Enter to accept OK. Removing the Top Cover Reverse the above procedures to install the top cover. Turn off the system and check all swrvice connections.

Foot straps heel, toe, or boot straps can be used at standing workstations and are compatible with most types of shoes or boots. Functions like a right button on an external mouse. Volume too low or too loud Volume or mixing controls set s Adjust the overall volume with the incorrectly. Turn off and unplug the computer, remove the hard drive, and reinsert the hard drive. Text set off in this manner presents clarifying information or specific instructions.

Run IR configuration utility in Control Panel. The following table describes the troubleshooting actions: Lift straight up on the system board to remove it from the base assembly Figure If you are running Compaq Utilities from the hard drive, turn on or restart the computer.


Compaq Armada M – MCbx

Operating system support for compaq portable products 22 pages. Ntelligent manageability for armada portable products 22 pages. Before Replacing Parts When troubleshooting a problem, check the following items for possible solutions before replacing parts: Handle cables by the connector whenever possible.

If the computer is in Suspend, press the suspend button to return to your work. Run ScanDisk on the drive.

Turn the computer back on, then run Computer Setup by pressing F10 when the blinking cursor light appears upper-right on the screen. Installing microsoft windows nt workstation 4. Problem Modem loses connection. Inserting MultiBay Devices 1. For removal information about a particular PC Card, refer to the documentation that came with the card and the Help program with CardWare.

Removing the Fan Reverse the above procedure to install the fan to the system board. Apply pressure only at the points designated in the maintenance instructions. Keep remote control units such as wireless headphones and other audio devices away from the infrared connections.

Lift up on the left side of the board. Save all work, exit all applications, and turn off the computer. Windows 98 or Shut down the computer. After “Identifying System Hardware” completes, select Interactive Testing and follow the instructions on the screen.

[SOLVED] Need the compaq armada M700 service manual

Apply only the tension required to unseat or seat the cables during removal and insertion. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting with infrared devices or try connecting with a device you know to be IrDA-compliant.


Removing the Keyboard Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. For more information on power cord set requirements, contact a Compaq authorized reseller or service provider.

Save to floppy Restore from floppy Restore defaults Replace configuration settings in Computer Setup with factory default settings. The headphones are connected to the wrong jack.

Use a wrist strap connected to a properly grounded work surface and use properly grounded tools and equipment. Battery pack was exposed to temperature extremes. Replace memory board or system board if memory on system board is faulty. If the problem appears related to a software application, check the documentation provided with the software.

Mass Storage Devices The esrvice mass storage devices are available for the computer: Reduce the number of connected servixe USB devices to no more than two hubs on the first tier, and no more than one keyboard and one pointing device on the first or second tier. Removing the Top Cover Screws 7. Networks built into many integrated circuits provide some protection, but in many cases the discharge contains enough power to alter device parameters or melt silicon junctions.