Coleopteres Staphylinidae de la Region Palearctique Occidentale. Vol. by Coiffait, H. at Pemberley Books. On the identity of Deliphrum nepalicum Coiffait, (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Omaliinae: Anthophagini). Shavrin AV(1). Author information. Rove beetles (Coleoptera; Staphylinidae) in dry forest fragments of the Cauca river valley. Revista [17]: Coiffait H. Staphylinides (Col.) de la région.

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Mike Hackston, 4 Jan Mike Hackston, 23 Jan Email the author Login required. He placed around twenty species into this genus, most of which are today placed in other genera in family Staphylinidae. It is divided into a number of subfamilies some of which are easily staphyliidae.

Sciences Naturelles31 Unusually high variability of the internal sac of aedeagus in X.

We attend exhibitions at international conferences and congresses. The more or less spherical shape of this black beetle combined with the fact that it exudes red haemolymph when alarmed could suggest a comparison with a grape. Subfamily Tachyporinae key to UK coiffair. Mike Hackston, 11 May Use the genus keys to take identification further. This is the largest family of beetles in the UK and includes over species.


Problemy Entomologii v Rossii. User Username Staphylinirae Remember me. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Phylogeny and generic classification of Tachyusini Coleoptera, Staphylinidae: Ipage The Pemberley Bookshop Why not come and peruse our comprehensive range of natural history titles at our well stocked bookshop, where you can also receive our expert advice.

Keys to the Staphylinidae of the Faroe Islands. Our customers have not yet submitted a review for this title – click here to be the first to write a review. The six subfamilies with coiffaiy single representative in the British fauna are keyed in the subfamily key. Mike Hackston, 9 Jul Staphylinidae e descrizione di due nuove specie.

You may also like Subfamily Paederinae key to UK genus.

Staphylinidae: Staphylininae – Natural History Museum

Your shopping basket is currently empty. Subfamily Tachyporinae key to European genus. Mike Hackston, 29 Oct Mike Hackston, 1 Jan Click here for details of our shop. Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya nab. Mike Hackston, 14 Apr Subscription Login to verify subscription. It is not possible to state definitively which insect is intended under that name.

Redia53, Comprehensive work on the west Palaearctic Staphylinidae, with identification keys. Coleoptera, Carabidae and their significance for reconstructing the phylogeny of the Harpali genus group [In Russian]. The subfamily key below can be used to start your identification.


Keys for the identification of British Staphylinidae – Mike’s insect keys

Mike Hackston, 30 Sep Subfamily Scydmaeninae key cooiffait UK species. Subfamily Oxytelinae key to UK genus. Xantholinus dvoraki Coiffait,the only valid species of the subgenus Meneidophallus Bordoni,with remarkably variable internal sac of aedeagus Coleoptera, Staphylinidae.

Family Staphylinidae key to UK subfamilies. Subfamily Pselaphinae, key to UK genera.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Full details can be provided on request. Subfamily Euaesthetinae key to UK species. Biologie Serie nou19 1 More details about our mailing list.

Entomologicheskoye Obozreniye74 4for English translation see Entomological Review75 9 Abstract Xantholinus dvoraki Coiffait, is regarded as the only valid species in the subgenus Meneidophallus Bordoni, Subfamily Staphylininae keys to UK genera. Supplements to “Nouvelle Revue d’Entomologie”. Xantholinus Meneidophallus roubali Coiffait,X.