Cicode Reference Guide. July DISCLAIMER Citect Pty. Ltd. makes no representations or warranties with respect to this manual and, to the maximum. Cicode Reference Guide August Legal Information DISCLAIMER Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. makes no representations or warranties with. Cicode Reference Guide. October Legal Notice DISCLAIMER Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. makes no representations or warranties with respect.

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I want to compare the current time with a fixed time in cicode to capture the runtime variable data at that time. It has used the Commands that you have mentioned. If no legacy port number was configured, this field contains the default legacy port number for the server type. A fuide list of one or more names. A freeform text field indicating the sequence of people to notify in the event refeernce alarm occurred.

For non-Hardware alarms the configured full name of the event user if exists. Ciocde i want to display the Variable tag comment as mouse rollover the particular tag in run time. The size of each subgroup. Some tips for better search results Special SQL formatted date and time. Your subscription request is being processed.


Running time in seconds. For others – configured descriptions.

For Alarm, Report and Trend servers: Please read those terms and conditions carefully. Alarm custom field 6.

CitectSCADA Web Help

I have prepared a common genie. Specifies the purpose of the server. Hi, please go thorugh code Note that common words and, that, etc. The logged variable name clustername. For non-Hardware other alarms: By jimmi on 13 May, – 7: I’d really thankful to you.

CitectSCADA Cicode Reference

By ghatevinod on 25 August, – 2: Last trigger value, used to check for rising edge of the trigger code. By jimmi on 20 May, – 7: The name of the cluster to which the server belongs. Name of the IO Device from which this tag was generated. Paging group for alarm. The engineering full scale for this value. Extended Event off date. Hi ghate Vinod, Refeerence tool tip at runtime you follow below mention steps.

Indicates whether the server is configured as a primary or standby. Alarm Date and Time. File where the trend data is to be stored.

The predefined values see below are in the Help. Argyle old state desc.

The variable tag that triggers data logging. Extended Event Acknowledge date. The raw zero scale for this value.

Extended Event on date. By ghate vinod on 20 May, – The port number the server is listening on for legacy connections. The field contains the network address cicpde as configured, and not IP addresses. Now if operator acknowledges this by mouse click or by some key board command the window flashing will become stable in red color as the condition still exists.


Alarm custom field 8.

CitectSCADA Cicode Reference –

For Argyle Multi-digital Digital alarms: A flag to indicate that the alarm is going to be paged. I had got a article in knowledge base which gives the code for doing the same.

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If no port number was configured, this field contains the referencd port number for the server type. Pl guide me to achieve both the functions.