CATALOGO DE PIEZAS DE REPUESTO. Pag. 1 TAV.6 Avviamento a pedale – Kickstarter – Démarrage à pedal – Pedalstart – Arranque a pedal. TAV.7 Pompa. Stage6 Kickstart Pedal “Evo” by Stage6’s style division SSP, Evo standing for redesigned and improved. As a nice little new feature, the round pedal can be. Blood Rage Digital is Live. Dec 03, The Blood Rage Digital Kickstarter is now live. Check out the article for all the details and make a pledge today!.

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The responses to selected questions will be illustrated and added to the book as bonus content! Get the physical hardcover of the second book, along with the digital PDF!

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Stage6 is the first manufacturer to introduce street-legal riser kits. Check out the FAQ. Learn more about accountability. Available in 3 different colours. The remaining supplies will be sold in kicksart Hiveworks store later. The plushies will not be available as additional rewards due to their different production schedule. The brake levers are also suitable for racing where the rider has to constantly use the brake.

However, backers will have access to the plushies before everyone else and will be able to buy them knowing that the supplies have been reserved for them.

Available in 4 colours. Most of the surviving population of the Known World live in Iceland, now the largest safe area in existence, with a few smaller settlements scattered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Hiveworks has found a printer that can match the materials used in the first book, creating a perfectly matched set for fans to keep.


Available in black, chrome and grey. At least it’s not burned! The Sketched one is also adhesive, but includes a cat sketch. This tier includes a set of 6 charms of the main crew. Hunters, mages and cleansers dedicate their lives to defending these settlements from the terrifying beings from beyond the safe areas, creatures from the Silent World.

The first book was funded via Indiegogo due to Minna’s location. The author will select a few of those questions. Help us print the second book of Minna Sundberg’s award-winning Nordic fantasy and adventure webcomic Stand Still.

Buy Unique Wooden Mechanical Models

Stage6 Mirror F1 top quality race look mirror. This tier includes a signed bookplate! This allows you to choose a position that feels most comfortable and provides optimum grip. A big ball joint allows for easy adjustment over a wide range.

ebm-papst – Downloads

Nov 20, – Dec 30, 40 days. As a nice little new feature, the round pedal can be switched with a flat one.

Here is a list of the available rewards. Ships to Anywhere in the world. The mirror arms are rather short to preserve the stylish racing look. More people show up for supper. A warm soothing drink on a cold morning! You can even change brake lever position while riding. The CNC-cut aluminium kickstart pedal was redesigned kickstartt introduces some new, convincing features.

CMON – Official Site

We’ll keep pledgers abreast of any problems or delays, and can be contacted directly through this Kickstarter’s comments and messaging. Going on an expedition? Funding period Nov 20, – Dec 30, 40 days. Kickstarter is not a store.


Get Book 2 and the charms only! Quick action simply means that it takes a shorter stroke, cataogo in turn reduced wrist rotation, to go from zero to wide open.

Share this project Done. An underfunded, questionably selected, rag-tag team of explorers are assembled and launched into the unknown in a search for information and relics of the Old World – hopefully valuable relics.

Only two people showed up. Who knows what they might find on their journey Quick and easy mounting — simply bolt between engine block and shock absorber. Book 2 Ebook Digital Wallpaper Less.

Stand Still Stay Silent – Book 2 by Hiveworks Comics — Kickstarter

This way you can take it anywhere, especially on perilous journeys! Reward no longer available backers. Assemble your team around a strange dinner. The rewards have been kept simple so that any stretch goals we hit can be dedicated to adding to the book. This Kickstarh is backed by Hiveworks Comics, a creator-owned publishing house and studio that supports hundreds of webcomics.