Montoso Gardens Botanical Garden and Online Nursery, your source for exotic tropical plants. Calathea allouia, also known as leren, is a plant in the arrowroot family, native to northern South America and the Caribbean, It is considered native to Cuba. Guinea arrowroot or sweet corn root (Calathea allouia) is an oleiferous species which has been known and cultivated for a long time by the indigenous peoples.

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Publisher Weinheim Year ISBN al,ouia Description An excellent and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions of the uses without any details of how to utilize the plants.

A commercially cultivated vegetable. Readable yet also very detailed.

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The cooked tuber is covered with a thin, edible skin which is most easily peeled after cooking. Guinea arrowroot calatheea normally grown in small areas where subsistence farming is frequently carried out in association with cassava, plantain or fruit-trees. Archived copy as title link. National Academy of Science.

They must be stratified or sown immediately, caltahea they quickly lose their viability. QR Code What’s this? Economic Botany 30 3: In Brazilian Amazonia, its increasing abandonment allkuia to have been caused by two main factors: It may be assumed that, at present, genetic erosion is high. If you have questions about a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves. In former times, the plant played a more important role for making blankets, mattresses, pillows, baskets and umbrellas[ ].

At present, in communities further away from towns in Amazonia it is rare to meet a grower who still keeps Guinea arrowroot in his garden. In vitro cultivation of I. Leren is adapted to a tropical climate with alternating rainy and dry seasons. Known cultivars of I. Shemluck, also marketed by the Jesuits from that region in Calahea. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Calathea allouia – Wikipedia

Eventually, these efforts were successful, especially in Argentina. Since, generally speaking, this technique is accompanied by others that increase the yield, such as cultivation care and improved pruning methods, the higher production cost is compensated for. Flower head Photograph by: Another two species of economic interest from the Marantaceae family are Ischnosiphon arouma, known as tiriti, the branches of which are used to make calathsa, and Maranta arundinacea, alliuia as arrowroot or araruta in Brazilwhose rhizome yields a starch of high viscosity.

What is its place to be in the agriculture of the future’? America, north to Mexico and the Caribbean. Its nutritional qualities are due to its content of vitamins A, C and B complex and the existence of minerals P, Ca and Fe.

The leaves are used for wrapping tamales and other foods, to which they impart flavour[].

Calathea allouia Sweetcorn Root, Guinea Arrowroot PFAF Plant Database

When the tuberous roots have been harvested, they are stored in a cool, dry place until they are transplanted. Three methods of production can be calathex which are arranged here in increasing order of importance reflecting the use of techniques and their yields:. However, following the independence of the Spanish colonies and the adoption of free trade.

Grafting, propagation by cuttings and layering are not very widespread. In Brazilian Amazonia up to the end of the s, Guinea arrowroot was a vegetable cultivated on a small scale by traditional growers in their vegetable gardens and the tuberous roots were eaten cooked, accompanied by coffee. The leaves have an enveloping base forming short pseudostems; the petioles are long and striated, the leaf blades elliptical – similar to those of rattan palm – and measure 20 to 60 x 5 to 20 cm.


There are high levels of all the other amino acids, chiefly the essential ones. Contents – Previous – Next.

It is reportedly naturalized in Jamaica Leren is grown as a minor root crop in tropical regions across the world. Home Calathea Calathea allouia Calathea allouia Health effects and herbal facts.

Harvesting is not mechanized and the pruning system is generally incorrect. Genetic resources are maintained practically in situ by traditional growers and indigenous populations. Downloaded from Project Muse. There are also reports of a range of non-traditional uses for I. Production plans must be devised for Guinea arrowroot in order to define the desired biotypes in the genetic improvement programmes.

Alanine found in Root ppm Histidine found in Root ppm. Search Contact Privacy Disclaimer. It prefers a mean annual rainfall in the range 1, – 2,mm, but tolerates – 2,mm[ ]. It sprouts with the first rains and grows rapidly, forming tubers which are harvested as the foliage begins to die back eight or nine months after the initial sprouting.