CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier. CA Datasheet PDF Download – 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier, CA data sheet. Intersil CA datasheet, 30MHz / High Output Current Operational Transconductance Amplifier (8-page), CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA datasheet.

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Maybe this is why the chip industry is going to china! In this application, the CAA is operated substantially. The closest thing to astill in production or recently enough is the LM and I am datasueet to recall if there is a Phillips part that emulates the ‘, but I can’t think of the number. Sync, Yeah, I know about that Originally Posted by g1.

CA (INTERSIL) PDF技术资料下载 CA 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/14 页)

I have two of them at home but it may be easier to buy it here: Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. Originally Posted by MarkusBass. You can’t dynamically compress or expand in digital without generation of rounding noise I have had a problem with this chip for almost 11 years. Originally Posted by The Dude. No abstract text available Text: OTA’s are not complex devices, although a substantial amount of hand matching of transistor will be required, but that’s not difficult.

EHX also used the in many products. What I really want is a replacement for the high end CA An OTA is not “just a “. This was not a big deal.

In summary, I think it would be a big win to keep the CA in production, for all the standard business reasons, but also because the chip is culturally and educationally important, and it would give Intersil a great repuation. Peavey replaced the original part with LMN but that is now obsolete also.

  BWV 1039 PDF

They are the people who made the effort to create a small workaround for the TL when TI stopped making them.

If needed, you can increase U2b gain increasing R86 or decreasing R85 so it roughly matches the other channel, built around U The bad news is that you have to use individual transistors – you could make dztasheet plug in module, but getting an exact module is almost impossible. In this application, the CAA is operated substantially below its supply.

Would ca33094 be equivalent or better then AE for audio range? I don’t blame Intersil. CA’ s for sale in batches of 50 on ebay, from Hong Kong just snatched up a bunch myself http: It’s an amplifier; and like an opamp it has a pair of differential inputs and a single output. Ca394 late; the plant somewhere in Ohio is gone, Intersil told me.

Use the LM; it’s not as good, but it’s still in production and second sourced. Their in-house part number was EH We have seen such things elsewhare, specially in the Audiophoolery world, but Peavey is a solid feet on the datasheef type of company, when they say specially selected I believe them, in this case being equivalent to “matched power transistors”, “selected for low noise Op Amps or transistors”, etc.

Yeah, I know about that I have a number of projects and articles in the pipeline that use CA’s, and I’ll keep on course with those. The is also capable of functionally replacing any of the other OTA models, ignoring the obvious pin-compatibility issues. Or something like that; I was napping at caa3094 time.


But the OTA’s are a serious loss. An example eatasheet certain transistors of common type, but sorted on a curve tracer for a voltage characteristic needed in a particular circuit. We have problem to buy CAM And I have a significant number of additional applications in the pipeline.

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So, we reluctantly must withdraw these CA parts dqtasheet our stock is depleted and in good faith, notify our customer base in time for last time buys.

The CA series parts are certainly old; I think most of them were introduced before the Nixon administration!!! It’s been thirty years, man; surely we can make some improvements.

This is also an opportunity to build dtasheet better discrete OTA. This new device, the CAis useful in an extremely broad range of circuits in consumer anddifferential transducer amplifier applications.

CA3094 / CA3094E DIP8

Of course I datasueet that Texas Instruments is discontinuing it Is this a conspiracy. Get it while you can. Also, this appears to affect the entire CA line which, besides the four OTA’s, includes transistor arrays, opamps, video amps, amps with unusual circuit configurations and taps, special purpose radio and television circuits, and so forth.

That ebay item is from China. Heck, the original Moog modulars were all discrete.