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Arnoldus Byel proposed an Afrikaans Bible translation in in a letter to a newspaper. The translation of the Bible which was used in the Dutch Reformed Church at the bybdl was the Statenbijbeland Afrikaans was not regarded as a language separate from Dutch but as a simplified version of Dutch, and all white people were expected to be able to read and understand proper Dutch anyway, and therefore Pannevis’ proposal was for a translation in the “simple” Dutch used by non-whites.

Hoogenhout also wrote to the British and Foreign Bible Society to request such a translation, but the request was denied. At around this time several magazines, small newspapers and other publications in Afrikaans for speakers regardless of race increasingly agreed with Pannevis.

Bible translations into Afrikaans

The publisher of several of these decided in that an Afrikaans Bible translation must be made, and in commissioned SJ du Toit to start the translations.

These translations were completed: GenesisGospel of MathewsRevelationand Psalms Before his death in Du Toit was working on a translation of the Gospel of Luke. In an Afrikaans magazine at the time, the following translations were also published: Hoogenhout also completed a translation of the Gospel of Mark, in bybsl, though this was never published.

By the s opinion had changed towards Afrikaans as a language in its own right. Inthe Dutch Reformed Church created a commission to investigate the possibility of an Afrikaans Bible translation. In the same publication was published, this time in real Afrikaans, and was well received. The translation of the full Bible was published in The first official Bible translation of the entire Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Afrikaans was completed in bbybel J. Fourie, and BB Keet.

By the 20 year anniversary inthe Afrikaans language had changed quite a bit since the translation was translated deliberately in old-fashioned language that resembled the old Dutch Statenvertaling, to prevent it from being rejected by Christians who were used to using the Dutch translation. The edition contained a number of small changes and changes to the spelling of names. The edition also introduced copious cross-references that were present in all subsequent prints of that edition.

Afrikaans 1933/1953

This paraphrase was the first non-official translation of the entire Bible in Afrikaans. It was translated in the tradition of the Living Bible fromusing a language and style that is very similar to it. In a new translation was completed in order to mark the 50th anniversary of bybeo original translation and provide much needed revision. The final editing of this edition was done by E. This translation was a dynamic equivalence translation, and was the first Afrikaans translation not to make use of the 193 text.

The New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs were published into mark the th anniversary of the Afrikaans language. The previous “living translation” in Afrikaans was a paraphrase, but this version is a direct translation.


It is a back-lash against dynamic equivalence and a return to a more literal translation the same applies to the Bible Society’s new direct translation. The language in this translation sounds rather old-fashioned.

Die Bybel /vertaling by Anonymous

Following the popularity of Eugene Peterson’s The Message translation, Stephan Joubert translated the New Testament in a similar idiomatic style of Afrikaans but without the bybek that characterised Peterson’s translationand gave it a similar name, that was published in as Die Boodskap.

With the assistance of Jan van der Watt, the Old Testament was translated and published inalong with improvements in the New Byvel translation. It was originally written as a children’s Bible, with the distinction that it was not simply a collection of Bible stories but an actual translation of the entire Bible. After the initial publication, the same translation was republished and rebranded for other target groups. These editions used the same text but included additional content, layout, colours, and typography to suit the targeted audience.

The rebranded versions included Die Bybel dogters. An edition for teenage girls in glossary magazine format was published 19953 the name “Glans”. The Bybel vir Almal was originally published as a Bible for deaf people, as it was specifically translated as a Bible for the deaf. It is not in sign language, but in ordinary Afrikaans, with a more limited vocabulary and sensitivity to issues that deaf people may not understand. Hearing people tend to associate certain sounds with certain emotions, but deaf people don’t.

For example, hearing people associate a pastoral scene with serenity, partly due to 153 sounds that accompany it. In verses where the translators were forced to use more difficult words, there are extensive bybl footnotes that explain the words. This translation can be read online at the South African Bible Society’s web site.

Most of the Old Testament are in the final stages of translation as well. The Nuwe Lewende Vertaling is widely used but not officially sanctioned by the largest Afrikaans churches of South Africa, who usually recommend to their members the translations published by the Bible Society. This new direct translation fills that void. The translation was done by teams of four individuals each, consisting of English-Afrikaans translators and experts in the original languages.

The draft versions of the Bible books were made available on the Bible Society’s web site as PDFs, and the public was asked to comment on the translations before the final version was created. This is the first Bible translation that involved participation of the general public in the form of commentary from non-invited parties.

Byybel is practically a word-for-word translation, as it is based on the word-for-word Afrikaans text in the interlinear Bible that was published by CUM Books in Direct, dynamic equivalence, first Afrikaans Bible translation project to use minority text. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ek sal julle ‘n nuwe hart gee en ‘n nuwe gees in julle lewe. Daardie ongehoorsame harte van julle wat so hard soos klip was, sal ek wegneem en julle ‘n hart gee wat gewillig is om te luister. I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit in your life.

Those disobedient hearts of yours that were as hard as stone, I will take away and give you a heart that is willing to listen. And 19553 will give you a new heart and give you a new spirit in your insides; and I will take away the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

Verbly julle altyd in die Here; ek herhaal: Laat bbyel vriendelikheid aan alle mense bekend word. Die Here is naby. Wees oor niks besorg nie, maar laat julle begeertes in alles deur gebed en smeking met danksegging bekend word by God.

En die vrede van God, wat alle verstand te bowe gaan, sal julle harte en julle sinne bewaar in Christus Jesus.

Bible translations into Afrikaans – Wikipedia

Gladden yourselves always in the Lord; I repeat: Let your friendliness become known to all people. The Lord is near. Be concerned about nothing, but allow your cravings to become known at God in all things through prayer and beseeching with thanksgiving.

And the peace of God, which boggles the mind, will preserve your hearts and your senses in Christ Jesus. Julle moet bly wees omdat julle aan die Here verbind is. Julle moet almal vriendelik behandel. Onthou die Here kom binnekort terug. Julle moet julle nie oor enigiets bekommer nie. Dan sal God julle sy wonderlike vrede gee wat ‘n mens nooit met jou verstand kan verklaar nie. Sy vrede sal wag hou oor julle hart en julle gedagtes omdat julle aan Christus Jesus behoort.

You must be happy because you are connected to the Lord. I want to say it once again: 1593 must treat everyone with friendliness. Remember that the Lord is coming back soon. You must not vex yourself about anything. Pray about it and tell God clearly what you want. Ask him to do it for you and thank Him! Then God will give you his wonderful peace that one can never explain with your intellect.

His peace will stang guard over your heart and your thoughts because you belong to Christ Jesus.

Wees altyd bly in die Here!