BMs – Top class digital multimeter made by Brymen. counts (5 4/5 digit), High Performance, User-oriented innovative features. Unbeatable 1µV. USER’S MANUAL BM BMCF 1 1) SAFETY This manual contains .. BRYMEN’s warranty does not apply to accessories, fuses, fusible resistors, spark . Thanks Lightages: + didn’t know TME also ships to the Netherlands prices are looking good indeed and no problem with customs since it’s.

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If the meter is not to be used for periods of longer than 60 days, remove the battery and store it separately. It is not the frequency measurement function, and is the frequency response of the AC functions. If the reading shows zero, select higher sensitivity.


Bm859f measuring a 3-phase system, special attention should be taken to the phase to phase voltage which is significantly higher than the phase to earth voltage. If the instrument is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the instrument may be impaired.

CMRR is the DMM’s ability to reject common mode voltage effect that can cause digit rattle or offset in voltage measurements. Auto Power Off feature will be disabled automatically in this mode. Distorted waveforms with the presence of DC components and harmonics may cause: Note — Examples include electricity meters and primary over-current protection equipment.

Brymen BM859CF Manuals

That is, mV function has the highest and the V range has the lowest as in voltage function ranges. The digital display shows OL if the diode is good. Activities are specified as: It brymne excellent in detecting faulty contacts, identifying potentiometer clicks, and indicating signal spikes during adjustments.

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You can also use a plug adapter Bkb32 Optional purchase with banana pins to K-type socket to adapt other standard K type mini plug temperature probes. Loosen the 2 screws from the battery access door of the case bottom. Always set the instrument to the highest range and bm859cg downward for an unknown value when using manual ranging mode.

If any defects are found, replace them immediately. The lower the measuring range the higher the sensitivity. Only replace brmyen blown fuse with the proper rating as specified in this manual. Press the HOLD momentarily to activate or to exit the hold function. The meter is intended only for indoor use. A full wave rectified sine waveform is a good example, and the AC true RMS function will only give the AC component reading which is at Press the button momentarily to activate and to exit Relative Zero mode.

Do not bryen any current that exceeds the current rating of the protection fuse. The average value is then scaled upward calibrated to read the RMS value brymne a sine wave. The meter beeps when new brgmen or minimum reading is updated.

The new impedance value will be saved automatically to the non-volatile memory as power up default. Always turn the rotary switch to the OFF position when the meter is not in use. NMRR is typically specified in terms of dB decibel. A reading higher than that indicates a leaky diode defective. In reality, complex waveforms, noise and distorted waveforms contain much higher frequency spectrum than its fundamental.

Per IEC 2nd Ed. Most measuring functions through this terminal will then be open circuit. A continuous beep tone indicates a complete wire. However, DC component plays an important role in the distorted non-symmetrical waveforms, and will also be of interest sometimes. Lift the end of the case bottom nearest the input jacks until it unsnaps from the case top.


Brymen BMCF Manuals

A zero reading indicates a shorted diode defective. Inspect test leads, connectors, and probes for damaged insulation or exposed metal before using the instrument.

Line Level Frequency measuring function input sensitivity varies automatically with voltage or current function range selected. Press button momentarily to toggle between 5 full digits and 6 full digits Hz readings. brrymen

Cleaning and Storage Periodically wipe the case with a damp cloth and mild detergent; do not use abrasives or solvents. Continuity function is convenient for checking wiring connections and operation of switches. Insert the banana plug K-type temperature bead probe Bkp60 standard accessory x 1 with correct polarities. Do not operate with open case. Relative Zero mode Relative Zero allows the user to offset the meter consecutive measurements with the displaying reading as the reference value.

In voltage or current functions, press the Hz push button brymfn to activate or to exit Line Level Frequency measuring function. If the Hz reading is unstable, select lower sensitivity to avoid electrical noise. Manual ranging mode feature is not available in Hz function.

Reverse the test leads connections reverse biased across brymeh diode. Note — Examples include switches in the fixed installation and some equipment for industrial use with permanent connection to the fixed installation. Do not touch test lead tips or the circuit being tested while power is applied to the circuit being measured.