Update: Brita has pulled the rebate. There are some great coupons and a $10 Mail-in Rebate for Brita read more. Find out how to get a FREE Brita water pitcher. I e-mailed Brita and I explained to them that the mail-in rebate form was no longer available and that I had. Visa Prepaid Card or. Gift Card. BRITA. POSTMARK BY: 1/30/ VALID: 1/1/18–12/31/18; limit 2 submissions per household. Brita 4-Pack Filter. $5.

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Hello I have a question on the Brita filter.

Brita Mail in Rebate | Free at Walmart and Walgreens

I dont see anything like that on the rebate form. I will be sending the mail-in rebate form with the original cash register receipt. It would be greatly appreciate if someone could email me one at Cornbud2 yahoo. Diana 7 years ago. I checked the status of my rebate a couple of weeks ago, and it said processing. Darn, I just bought this and now the rebate form is gone.

Alicia 7 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has received their rebate yet? I received this rebate. Maria 7 years ago. This is what happened. Tiger 7 years ago. Mercedes 7 years ago. They had originally indicated that they would honor the rebates already sent in but they have now retracted that claim.


Hi Clarence, No, you can not do that to use the coupon. Once Brita found out they pulled the rebate form from their site. Sarah 7 years ago.

Water Filter Coupons, Offers & Promotions | Brita®

If they are asking for the UPC as proof of purchase then probably not. Glenda 7 years ago.

Melissa 7 years ago. If you threw away the box just go back to the store and write down the UPC on a piece of paper from briga box and then write it on the Mail In Rebate Form. Olivia 7 years ago. It took 3 months, but I am just happy that I did get it!

What a waste of a stamp! It is in the fine print of the rebate. Can someone email me a copy of the rebate form…. Well now it looks like they WILL NOT honor any of the rebates forms with the reason simply being because they do not want to dish out the money.

Does anyone have a copy? Yes, the information is correct. Same here too pls thanks krazyglenda briha. Brenda 7 years ago. I need a copy of the rebate form please thanks my email is Brenda hotmail. I bought the pitcher yesterday and clicked to get the rebate form but it is no longer there… Can someone please email me the rebate form, i really appreciate… I forced my friend to buy also and now she will kill me if i tell her rebate form is gone… maria.


They are now honoring them fyi. I am in need of the rebate form also.

Daily Cheapskate: $5 coupon plus $10 mail-in-rebate for a Brita faucet filter or Brita pitcher

Add Comment Cancel reply. If not, I would never buy their product again and spread the word. I am in the same boat as the others… So if someone does have the rebate form to email, I would greatly appreciate it… Jnsanske aol. This is perfect example how corporate greed justifies such shifty moves even by very well erbate and trusted companies. I would like to have a copy of the rebate form as well.

Sheryl 7 years ago. Oops — my email address is: My email is chertg8 aol.