In Bride of the MacHugh, Speas transports you to the Scotland of James I and his Lieutenant in the Highlands, Archibald Campbell, Earl of. Bride of the MacHugh by Jan Cox Speas; 2 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Protected DAISY, In library. Results 1 – 21 of 21 Bride of the MacHugh by Speas, Jan Cox and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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There is no info dump.

Bride of the MacHugh

The story jumped right into action and intrigue, without a long buildup. Quotes from Bride of the MacHugh. This gif is dedicated to Bama, because I know how she adores them: Sadly, that was not the case. In fact, I buy books and hoard mavhugh for just for that reason alone. Too much for my taste.

And a lot of the time, I felt lost by how much time had past between scenes, about who was who as the same person could be called by a lot of different namesand sometimes about just what was the significance of a statement made- that seemed plot defining- but had no follow up or explanation, and which I felt never was explained at all during the novel.

The h wasn’t an overly pure ninny and actually gave it up before he put a ring on it. Even though there are no love scenes per se, there is a lot of sexual tension and much romance to satisfy the historical romance lover.

The hero turns out to be someone else and I just di Another just okay read for me. Wish I could find a copy machuggh good condition bide I think I’d even breakdown and get this in e-format if I could find it!!

In these pages you will meet the corrupt and ambitious Earl of Argyll, Elspeth’s wily guardian, who epitomizes an insatiable greed for power and wealth; Kate MacLachlan, the beautiful and treacherous redhead, whose passion for Alexander MacHugh would stop at nothing for mxchugh Gavin, the grim and mysterious youth with a scar across his cheek; Elspeth’s half-sister, Jeanie Lamond, as fair and fresh as a May morning, and, of course, the many brave and gallant Scottish rebels, led by the MacDonalds, who harried the Campbells and would not be subdued by England.


All of this rich Scottish history is brought into the story in a very natural way.

I actually tend to like the historical novels If I could give this novel more than 5 stars, I would. I don’t know, the whole thing just didn’t FEEL macgugh the s.

Desert Isle Keeper

It does nothing for me, what else can I say? The characters are compelling, the action suspenseful and the anxiety as to whether Elspeth will end up with the MacHugh will have you turning pages late into the lf.

Dec 10, Dendera rated it really liked it Shelves: With the simple devices of cadence and syntax, briide captures the essence of a Scottish brogue and dialect without using twenty apostrophes per sentence. With the deftness of a master weaver, the descriptions are intertwined in the story.

Elspeth knows and accepts that her powerful guardian, Argyll, will arrange a rich and influential marriage for her when she returns to England, but Alexander is determined that she defy this craven plan for her future.

So let’s talk about the cover. For the era that it is written, it’s one of the best I’ve read. There is Wow, what a wonderful book.

I am just waiting to find the book by this author who can really push me over the edge from bbride mere “it was okay” to a truly satisfying read. There are many clan and family names to keep track of. Her favorite poets were T. I read this book as a teen and loved it, and over the years I’ve re-read it several times and it has never disappointed.


I finished the book feeling dissatisfied with the short screen-time Alex and Elspeth had together. Wild Irish You can machugb download it for free on WordPress.

On the other hand, the story is very good, Really a 4. I’m sure if I had read this plot ten years ago I would have loved this book, mxchugh I’ve read this same book so many times, over and over again with just the names changed that I discovered I was bored and wanting some great twist to happen. Crazy I know, but I need this book!

Bride of the MacHugh by Jan Cox Speas – FictionDB

She also didn’t allow the evil OW get the best of her. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. I started out really liking it.

The balance between the romance and the multiple skirmishes and goings on around MacHugh and Elspeth was not actually balanced at all. For instance, I have yet to see a cover with a codpiece. My other dissatisfaction lies with the lack of explanation for the clan warfare.

Bride of the MacHugh — All About Romance

And that was not the case with this one. This is one of my all-time favorite books. Nov 10, A B rated it it was ok. It seemed about years off. They didn’t have it at the library, and the reviews were good, so I took a chance on a used copy from Amazon. I recommend this book for readers of historical romance and historical adventure.

Alexander MacHugh was head of one of Scotland’s mightiest clans when the rebellious Highlanders rallied around the MacDonald banner. Books are my friends and I like to revisit them often. Books are better when you don’t hate the protagonists.