BioDoc-It2 with its streamlined all-in-one design enables researchers to easily capture high resolution, publication-quality gel images with the touch of the. BioDoc-It and VisiDoc-It Imaging Systems. 2. System Introduction. BioDoc-Itâ„¢ Imaging System. The BioDoc-It Imaging System enables simple documentation of . A review of the BioDoc-It with Fluor Cam from UVP. Unbiased reviews by scientists available at

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Slide the tray open. Status bar modes 8. Do not use any oil or petroleum based cleaners on the cabinet. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Creator Start-up Guide www. Next, click Printers and Faxes, then right-click on the appropriate printer icon and select Printing Preferences. Click “Request Quote” at biodkc-it bottom of the page. Thank you for your patience while we are updating.

Gel Documentation Machine

Set up More information. This manual should help you biodov-it your new product. If equipment failure or malfunction occurs during the warranty period, UVP shall examine the inoperative equipment and have the option of repairing or replacing any part s which, in the judgment of UVP, were originally defective or became so under conditions of normal usage and service.

Phone for call-back only. Users can save to the BioDoc-It, USB drive or connect to a network to transfer images to a separate computer Print – Connect to an optional printer Time Stamp – Set the date and time for each image captured Exp Warn – Set the exposure warning Preferences boidoc-it Set user preferences Integration – Increase or decrease integration times.


Use the stylus included with the system to operate the software controls. High Density paper, X, Portrait mode. While watching the LCD screen, rotate the Aperture adjustment ring on the lens so that the image is as bright as possible.

Using the Transilluminator Once the BioDoc-It darkroom power is turned on, power is supplied to all components.

The step up ring and diopter will only fit one way. The BioDoc-It darkroom has a UV safety switch that turns the transilluminator off when the door is open. SpotLight 2 now available! Please see our web biidoc-it www.

Restart the BioDoc-it system. See the Technical Support section of this manual for contact information.

Click OK to close the window. How to contact us. Remote Outboard Steering System. The filter allows visualization of fluorophores from nm, targeting the EtBr emission peak of nm.

BioDoc-It Imaging System – PDF

Unpack Contents Unpack your scanner bioeoc-it and check for major components. BioDoc-It models feature a 1. This manual has been provided to assist you. Skip to main content.

Browse By Item Number | Krackeler Scientific, Inc.

Touch the OK button to save all preferences and go back to the main screen, or the Cancel button to go back to the main screen without saving changes. Wall-Mounting your HP computer. As the Life Science part of the Aptco Invest group of companies, biodo-cit Sopachem team tries hard to redefine the meaning of the word ‘distributor’. Install Image Lab software.


Adjust the zoom so that the object of interest is within the picture on the LCD monitor. Multiple slate users can write at. Be sure the transilluminator s power jumper cord is securely connected at both the ends of the cable. Once the proper zoom range is set, the lens will have to be refocused when zoomed in completely. Status bar indicates the modes of operation: Read the safety notices and important tips in the included manuals before using your computer.

The diopter is for focusing on objects at the focus length of the BioDoc-It Imaging System s darkroom. Bio-imagingInstrumentation Life Sciences. We are currently working diligently to update our website pricing information for the New Year.

Start display at page:. Add to watch list. All camera settings are factory pre-set for optimum performance when viewing gels, films, or membranes under low light level conditions.